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Composer (PHP Usergroup Karlsruhe)

  1. 1. Nils Adermann Twitter @naderman &
  2. 2. Using a Composed Project (I) git clone Cloning into trashbin... cd trashbin/ curl -s | php All settings correct for using Composer Composer successfully installed to: /home/naderman/projects/composer/demo/phpugka/composer.phar Use it: php composer.phar Nils Adermann Twitter @naderman &
  3. 3. Using a Composed Project (II) php composer.phar install Installing from lock file - Package symfony/class-loader (2.1.0-dev) Downloading Unpacking archive Cleaning up [...] - Package predis/predis (master-dev) Downloading Unpacking archive Cleaning up - Package twig/twig (1.6.0-dev) Downloading Unpacking archive Cleaning up Generating autoload files Nils Adermann Twitter @naderman &
  4. 4. Using a Composed Project (III) vendor/ .composer/ bin/ pimple/ pimple/ predis/ predis/ service-provider/ silex/ silex/ symfony/ browser-kit/ class-loader/ css-selector/ dom-crawler/ event-dispatcher/ finder/ http-foundation/ http-kernel/ routing/ twig/ twig/ Nils Adermann Twitter @naderman &
  5. 5. Composer Goals Ease of Use Project Dependencies - No globally installed packages Flexibility/Customizability Nils Adermann Twitter @naderman &
  6. 6. The Basics: Defining Dependencies composer.json Located in project root directory Defines dependencies { "require": { "silex/silex": ">=1.0.0-dev", "symfony/finder": ">=2.1-dev", "twig/twig": ">=1.4", "predis/service-provider": "master-dev" } } Nils Adermann Twitter @naderman &
  7. 7. The Basics: Package Metadata { "name": "predis/predis", "type": "library", "description": "Flexible and feature-complete PHP client library for Redis", "keywords": ["nosql", "redis", "predis"], "homepage": "", "license": "MIT", "version": "0.7.1" "authors": [ { "name": "Daniele Alessandri", "email": "", "homepage": "" } ], "require": { "php": ">=5.3.0" }, "autoload": { "psr-0": {"Predis": "lib/"} } } Nils Adermann Twitter @naderman &
  8. 8. Packagist Central composer package repository Open to packages from anyone GitHub Integration: Packages from tags & branches Browse & Search Packages Nils Adermann Twitter @naderman &
  9. 9. Demo: Nils Adermann Twitter @naderman &
  10. 10. composer.lock (I) List of packages & versions If available, composer install uses composer.lock instead of composer.json Created by composer install Updated by composer update Nils Adermann Twitter @naderman &
  11. 11. composer.lock (II) Commit composer.lock in your VCS and ship it with your releases Everyone on a team works with exactly the same dependency versions When deploying, all machines run exactly the same dependency versions Users will never get dependency versions that you did not test with Nils Adermann Twitter @naderman &
  12. 12. Development Installation Allows you to commit changes to projects in vendor/ php composer.phar install --dev Installing from lock file [...] - Package predis/service-provider (master-dev) Cloning v0.2.3 - Package pimple/pimple (1.0.0-dev) Cloning 321db91e49b6cf8cbeed58d8db662d40de96d2c3 - Package predis/predis (master-dev) Cloning v0.7.1 - Package twig/twig (1.6.0-dev) Cloning 8256bfa05c1604bf24d8c0d1627822b4fa503e2f Generating autoload files Nils Adermann Twitter @naderman &
  13. 13. Autoloading "autoload": { "psr-0": {"Predis": "lib/"} } vendor/.composer/ autoload_namespaces.php autoload.php ClassLoader.php installed.json Trashbin uses the generated autoloader require_once __DIR__.'/../vendor/.composer/autoload.php'; use SilexApplication; use SilexExtensionTwigExtension; use SymfonyComponentFinderFinder; use SymfonyComponentHttpFoundationResponse; $app = new Application(); Nils Adermann Twitter @naderman &
  14. 14. Custom Repositories "repositories": { "my-repo": { "composer": { "url": "" } }, "MyRepo": { "vcs": { "url": "git://" } }, "example org": { "pear": { "url": "" } }, "packagist": false } Composer Repository Implementations (packages.json) Packagist Satis Nils Adermann Twitter @naderman &
  15. 15. Depending on packages without composer.json "repositories": { "some vendor repo": { "package": { "name": "vendor/package", "version": "1.0.0", "dist": { "url": "", "type": "zip" }, "source": { "url": "git://", "type": "git", "reference": "tag name, branch name or commit hash" } } } }, "require": { "vendor/package": "1.0.0" } Nils Adermann Twitter @naderman &
  16. 16. Other Dependency Types: Replace Useful if a patch is not available in upstream "name": "myvendor/predis", "replace": { "predis/predis": "0.7.*" } Trashbin depends on predis/service-provider which depends on predis/predis php composer.phar update myvendor/predis is installed instead of predis/predis Nils Adermann Twitter @naderman &
  17. 17. Other Dependency Types: Provide my/cache is a virtual package, it does not exist "name": "my/library", "require": { "my/cache": "1.0.0" } "name": "my/apc-store", "provide": { "my/cache": "1.0.0" } "name": "my/memcache-store", "provide": { "my/cache": "1.0.0" } Installing my/library will install either my/apc-store or my/memcache-store If you require another package providing my/cache, neither will be installedNils Adermann Twitter @naderman &
  18. 18. Other Dependency Types Conflict If vendor/a conflicts with vendor/b, they cannot be both installed Recommend If vendor/a recommends vendor/b, it will be installed unless you specify --no-install-recommends Suggest If vendor/a suggests vendor/b, it will only be installed if you specify --install-suggests Nils Adermann Twitter @naderman &
  19. 19. Dependency Resolution with SAT All packages in all repositories are collected in a package pool Dependencies between all packages are turned into boolean rules: install B (version 1 or 2) (B1|B2) A requires B (version 1 or 2): (-A|B1|B2) A conflicts with B (version 1 and 2): (-A|-B1), (-A|-B2) C and D provide E: (-E|C|D) B2 updates/obsoletes B1 (-B1|-B2) Example (-A|B1|B2) (-B2|C) (A) (-B1|-B2) (-A|-C) Now use a SAT solver to find boolean values for A, B1, B2, C so that all rules are true A, B1, -B2, -C If a variable is true, it will be installed Nils Adermann Twitter @naderman &
  20. 20. Composer Repositories vs. PEAR Channels Repositories allow easy proxying of packages: Proxy only reviewed open source packages to a company repository Easily aggregate all open source packages on a central repository PEAR requires explicit referencing of a channel when defining dependencies: Replacing a single package with your own in a chain of dependencies is impossible Nils Adermann Twitter @naderman &
  21. 21. Composer as a reusable library Phar distribution with composer-installable plugins (Beau Simensen) phpBB4: Web UI for Plugin Management Nils Adermann Twitter @naderman &
  22. 22. Thank you! Learn more & contribute!forum/composer-dev Nils Adermann Twitter @naderman &