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Winston Weber & Apollo Space Optimization Training


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Winston Weber & Apollo Space Optimization Training

  1. 1. Aldata Apollo, Inc. has partnered with Winston Weber Associates to eliminate the void between traditional software training and user self teaching, by providing a software training that reflects the context of the industry. As retailers work to better meet their consumer needs they are developing more granular planograms – this is causing a proliferation of planograms, the demand cannot be met using traditional methods. Therefore, leveraging automation is necessary. Users not only need to understand the functionality of the Apollo Designer Workstation tool but also leverage the tool in the context of their everyday business. Potential participants for this training include: CPG Manufactures and Retailers interested in learning about the Apollo Designer Workstation Space Optimization software Current users of Apollo Designer Workstation and the individuals who manage them. This will enable both the user and the manager to best utilize the software features and enhance communications. Additionally, having the manager attend the training course encourages stronger collaboration between manufacturer and retailer by levelling the understanding of the software used in determining space optimization decisions. For more information contact : To register contact : © Aldata Solution COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 1/3
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