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Visual basic ictl bi

  1. 1. Computer software ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just basic v1.01 HURAIAN KURIKULUM TEKNOLOGIMAKLUMAT DAN KOMUNIKASI ( GCS 4013) Pensyarah : TENGKU NORAZLAN B TENGKU SULAIMAN NAMA AHLI KUMP: NADIAH ABDUL AZIZ 030849 NORFAIZAN MOHD KHAIDIR – 030847 NIK NOR DALILA (030839) NOR SYUHADA (030854)
  2. 2. Computer software ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just basic v1.01 definition1.1 What is programme?• Programme refers to a series of organize instruction that directs the computer to do something for us with the help of programming language.1.2 What is a programming language?• A Programming Language is a set of rules that provides a way of telling the computer what operation to perform (according to Capron and Johnson,2004)
  3. 3. Computer software ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just basic v1.01 Programing languages1.3 What programming languages are available? These programming languages are generally divided into five levels orgenerations.The following are the descriptions of each level of programminglanguage:- Level of language / Descriptions Generations Computer understands only binary Machine Language number-strings of 0 and 1. ( First generation ) Programs that are written in these 0 and 1 represent the “on” and “off”. This programming language is considered Assembly Language very low level. ( Second Generation) This language use mnemonic codes such as: A for add, C for compare, MP for multiply.
  4. 4. Computer software ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just basic v1.01 This language is closer to human language compare to the machine language. High-Level Language (Third Generation) designed to be easier for a human to understand 3GL Examples: VISUAL BASIC, ALGOL 58, 60 and 68, COBOL, FORTRAN IV, ADA and C++. This programming language is an improvement of high-level language. Very High-Level Language Designed to reduce programming effort( Fourth Generation or 4GL) Examples: SHEERPOWER, OpenEdge ABL and Informix-4GL This language is similar to spoken or written English Language. Natural Language The natural language translates human instructions (Fifth Generation ) into code. Examples: PROLOG, MERCURY and OPS5.
  5. 5. Computer software ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just basic v1.01 Program development life cycle• 1. Problem Analysis• What is problem analysis?• The programmer need to identify and analyst the problem before developing a programme. (Example: interview the client to get information of problems).• 2. Program Design• Before a programme is developed it has to be design using algorithm. An algorithm is a set of steps that is able to solve a problem. It can be expressed in many ways such as Pseudo code and Flowcharts.
  6. 6. Computer software ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just basic v1.01 Program development life cycle• 2.1 Pseudo code• A pseudo code is a mixture of Computer and English language, used for planning program logic.• Example : The following pseudocode is to input (Key-in) two marks (math & Science) and output (display) the total mark. – BEGIN ; – INPUT math mark – INPUT science mark – Total = math mark + science mark – DISPLAY Total; – End ;
  7. 7. Computer software------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just basic v1.01Program development life cycle Symbol Name Description Shows the Start and End of the Start / Stop flowcharts Shows any function an Input / Input / Output Output device. Shows the Selection of an option Decision depends on a given condition. Process Shows the function like Calculations. If the page is not enough, used to Connector continue to the next page. Used to give the direction of the flow Flow lines of data / information.
  8. 8. Computer software ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just basic v1.01 Program development life cycle• 3. Coding• Coding is to translate the logic from the flowchart or pseudo code into code• 4. Testing and Debugging• Testing is to find error of the programme, the process of finding error is debugging.• 5. Documentation• Documentation is important when programming. The document helps a programmer to update and upgrade the programme. A document consists of problem analysis, pseudo code, flowcharts, code, user manual, a clear layout of the input and output records about the programme.
  9. 9. Computer software ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just basic v1.01 Program jb v101 (development)1.0 What is Just BASIC v1.01?• Just BASIC v1.01 is a programming language for the Windows Operating System. You can create various applications for your school or daily activities. It is widely used in business, training and entertainment.• 2.0 Why use Just BASIC v1.01?• Reasons for using Just BASIC v1.01 are :-• • Free download!• • Standalone Window programmes are royalty free.• • Full tutorial and various example of programmes are provided online.
  10. 10. Computer software ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just basic v1.01 Program jb v101 (development)• It has large online community.• Uses syntax colouring editor.• Easy to carry out debugging.• Graphics including sprites and printing are provided in the programmes• 3.0 What will you produce using Just BASIC v1.01.• It is hoped that at the end of this lesson, you will be able to produce 2 simple programmes that consist of greeting and basic mathematical calculation in a textbox. In doing so, you will have the experience of using simple coding in just BASIC v1.01
  11. 11. Computer software ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just basic v1.01 Program jb v101 (development)• 4.0 Getting started with just BASIC v1.01• Before we start to write a programme using Just Basic, we need to know the basic elements, such as :-• i. print – an instruction for the computer to display information for the user.• ii. Input - an instruction for the computer to get information from the• user.• iii. Notice one special thing about our string variable name. It ends with a $ (dollar sign). In BASIC, when you want to store characters in a variable, you end the variable name with a $.