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Time management powerpoint


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5 Time Management Tips for Work At Home Computer jobs. Wasted time is wasted money, and bad time management is the number one killer of working from home jobs. Use these 5 tips to help keep your money and your sanity

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Time management powerpoint

  1. 1. By Paul Bright, author of Writing Jobs From Home,7 Reasons to Begin Freelance Writing Online and Writing Efficiently for Demand Studios
  2. 2. Great advantages to working from homeNo boss to oversee youNo clock to punchMake your own schedule
  3. 3. Biggest challenge?TIME MANAGEMENT
  4. 4. Working from home doesn’t mean you do lesswork. Some people do more but with a flexibleschedule.Wasting time= less money in your pocketHow do you manage time at a work from homecomputer job?
  5. 5. Include your family and friendsSeparate “home” jobs from“work” assignmentsThey must know when you are “off” and when you are“on”Compromise by doing tasks that can be completed anytime of the day: laundry, dishes,etc.
  6. 6. Write down everything you do and spot trends.Trial-and-error process. What’s working?What’s not working?Find your most efficient work times and build around itBuild a rhythm
  7. 7. You blink less when staring at computer screensTyping too much= burn out on your back, wrists,fingersTake breaks to stretch your body, get fresh air Take 10 minutes every hourTurn your brain “off”NO ALCOHOL!
  8. 8. Social Networks are the biggest distractions forwork at home computer jobsBeware of Facebook and Twitter!Do promo link building at the end of your workday
  9. 9. Some clients live in different time zonesAdjust your schedule as necessary to work for both YOU and the clientFlexibilityimproves relationships with clientsGood relationships= more jobs= more money!
  10. 10. “Nothing will work unless you do”- MayaAngelou Brought to you by Paul Bright and Writing Jobs From Home ( by