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Maps by Hands

NACIS 2016 Presentation
Dylan Moriarty, Development Seed
Our workflows are, with few exceptions, entirely digital. This is fantastic for productivity, accuracy, and a million other reasons- but by building in the same tools we risk uniformity in output. There are endless ways to make something look custom, but one of the best is to simply incorporate illustrative elements- whether they be a hand drawn pattern, icon marker, or classic marginalia. While those elements will inevitably bring to mind maps of the past, I'll argue there are plenty of map makers today utilizing these techniques to great, albeit more subtle, effect. In this talk I'll go over when these sorts of embellishments are appropriate, and some techniques I've found useful for bringing handy work to the digital world. If you have hesitations based on self perceived art skills, please don't let that discourage you! There is still a lot you can do, I promise.

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Maps by Hands

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