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Mapping the Yellowstone Caldera


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NACIS 2016 Presentation
Charles Preppernau, National Geographic Partners
Manuel Canales, National Geographic Partners
The print and web products for the Yellowstone Volcano required integration of GIS data and 2D illustrations into a 3D scene in Cinema 4D, while preserving correct spatial relationships and staying within the limits of the hardware and software. We present our process for displaying high-resolution, spatially-accurate terrains and cross sections in this talk. While we used Cinema 4D as our 3D modeling and rendering software, these methods can also be used in Blender.

Published in: Design
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Mapping the Yellowstone Caldera

  1. 1. Mapping the Yellowstone Caldera
  2. 2. Research
  3. 3. Research
  4. 4. Initial sketches
  5. 5. Initial sketches
  6. 6. Preserving spatial relations without coordinate systems
  7. 7. Multipass rendering
  8. 8. Lighting
  9. 9. Lighting
  10. 10. Lighting
  11. 11. Lighting
  12. 12. Atmosphere
  13. 13. Atmosphere
  14. 14. Atmosphere
  15. 15. Vector representation
  16. 16. Vector representation
  17. 17. Vector representation
  18. 18. Final compilation
  19. 19. Geyser animation