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Interactive Animated Projected Elk Map and Terrain Model


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NACIS 2016 Presentation
Alex Tait, International Mapping
This presentation will look at the design and production process for creating an interactive map exhibit showing the Elk migration in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. The center of the exhibit is a solid terrain model. A high-lumen projector casts an interactive animated map image onto the model from an iPad controller mounted to the reader rail. The primary design challenge was to show a complex geographical story in a manner that would be easy to understand and manipulate for a general user. An additional challenge was to create an effective animation of the annual elk migration and the seasonal changes in the environment.

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Interactive Animated Projected Elk Map and Terrain Model

  1. 1. Elk Map Exhibit Interactive Animated Projected Elk Map and Terrain Model Alex Tait
  2. 2. Purpose • Engage and educate users: autoplay animation and interactive control • Show elk migration • Relate migration to landscape • Provide the user tools to explore the map and answer questions of where, when, why
  3. 3. Team • International Mapping • Split Rock Studio • Buffalo Bill Center for the West • Arthur Middleton + other wildlife researchers • University of Oregon Info-Graphics Lab • National Geographic Society
  4. 4. Components model iPad controller projected maps
  5. 5. Biggest Challenges • Animating the elk migration • Effective interactive design for a map on public display and a 1–3 minute user
  6. 6. The Model
  7. 7. 2x vertical exaggeration 72 hours CNC cutting time 300 pounds with frame
  8. 8. The Projected Maps
  9. 9. Challenge 1: Animated Elk
  10. 10. Challenge 2: The Controller
  11. 11. Keeping it Simple
  12. 12. Map-Model in Use
  13. 13. Elk Map Exhibit Go to NGS or Buffalo Bill Center for the West in Cody, WY to see it! Alex Tait