Fidelizoo store - Customer Loyalty Platform


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Fidelizoo is a SaaS platform that allows small busines and franchises to create customer friendly loyalty programs, increasing revenue and customer loyalty.
Increase number of visits to your business. Bring your customers back.

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Fidelizoo store - Customer Loyalty Platform

  1. 1. Increase number of visits to your business Bring your customers back
  2. 2. Fidelizoo is a service that allows small businesses and franchises to create customer friendly loyalty programs, increasing revenue and customer loyalty
  3. 3. Every big company has its own customer loyalty programs
  4. 4. What about small businesses?
  5. 5. Small businesses do not use loyalty programs. Sometimes they use "simple” solutions but with low performance. • Classic cards are easily lost • They are forgotten • They are damaged And above all, small businesses don’t know about their customers habits/liking and can’t benefit from the opportunities offered by new technologies to reach new customers
  6. 6. What about the customers?
  7. 7. What about customers? • Lots of loyalty cards in your wallet • Hard to know my current status (points, rewards) • Hard to know the rewards catalogue • If I forget or lose my loyalty card I can’t take advantage of loyalty benefits
  8. 8. How can help you?
  9. 9. Fidelizoo is a customer loyalty system that turns customers into regular customers. In addition, Fidelizoo spreads your brand among other customers, friends and contacts.
  10. 10. A customer loyalty program helps you understand your customer’s preferences and consumption habits while learning, reinforcing and rewarding loyalty. Studies have shown that it is 7-10 times more expensive to attract a new customer than to retain an old one
  11. 11. Fidelizoo has been meant to fill the gap that deal sites like cannot reach. These daily deal sites attract new customers but are not able to retain them. The benefits obtained by using the daily deal sites are very tight, while the benefit of fidelizoo customer loyalty programs are much bigger.
  12. 12. How Fidelizoo works? Merchants need a tablet with the fidelizoo store app near the POS At the time of payment, the customer scans their fidelizoo card which will be recognized by the app. The customer gets points into their account. The more visits, the more points earned. Points earned can be redemeed for rewards at any moment. How it works? [video]
  13. 13. How do customers earn points? At the time of payment, customers scan the fidelizoo card on the business tablet. Each customer will have a unique code Customers can share with their social networks contacts and friends (facebook and twitter) when they earn points or redeem rewards. In exchange they will also earn points (Social networks integration available soon) What is the Fidelizoo code? The fidelizoo code identifies every customer. Each customer will have a unique code Fidelizoo code How rewards are managed? Stores, through the web or with the help of its fidelizoo account manager, manage the rewards and number of visits needed to achieve them
  14. 14. What kind of business fidelizoo goes? Any business, any sector (restaurants, fast food chains, pubs, beauty salons, hairdressers, dry cleaners, fashion, accesories, petrol stations, entertainment, …) If you want to give your customers a reason to to visit your business again, fidelizoo will allow you to create customized customer loyalty programs in a quick and easy manner. How do customers get the fidelizoo code? - Smartphone: By downloading the fidelizoo app (iOS, Android) it will automatically generate the code that will be stored in the customer’s smartphone - Fidelizoo card: Alongside the tablet, customers can pick their fidelizoo card with the fidelizoo code. After scanning the card over, the app will ask for the customer’s register on the platform.
  15. 15. Merchant benefits • Easy to use • Barely intrusive • reward most loyal customers • Know customer behavior • Retrieve "little" loyal customers • Marketing campaigns for real customer • Pay per use • Revenue increase
  16. 16. Customer benefits • Easy to use • Barely intrusive • No technological barriers to entry • Knowledge of your the status • Personalized offers • Obtaining rewards • Saving Money
  17. 17. The customer redeems the points awarded for each visit to the business for a reward 3 easy steps The customer places an order The customer displays their fidelizoo code that is recognized by the tablet and gets points on their account Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
  18. 18. Fidelizoo Store app
  19. 19. Fidelizoo Store app
  20. 20. Fidelizoo Store app
  21. 21. Fidelizoo Store app
  22. 22. Fidelizoo app (only customers)
  23. 23. Fidelizoo card Front Back
  24. 24. By accessing their private area, businesses will be able to: • Manage rewards and discounts • View usage statistics and learn habits of potential customers • Send email marketing campaigns to their customers
  25. 25. Zona Privada Estadisticas Email Marketing Dashboard Gestión de Premios
  26. 26. - @fidelizoo – - - @fidelizoo – -–– For more information: