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Poster gary gao_grapewineanalysisworkshop_nacaa_2012

  1. 1. THE “COMMERCIAL GRAPE AND WINE ANALYSIS - A PRACTICAL APPROACH” WORKSHOP Gao, G.Y Associate Professor and Extension Specialist for Small Fruit Crops Ohio State University South Centers, 1864 Shyville Road, Piketon, OH 45661 Rationale Abstract The “Commercial Grape and Wine Analysis - A Practical Approach” workshop was a one-day educational• There are many new wine grape growers due to the program designed to provide practical and useful analytical techniques to both wine grape growers and Vineyard Expansion Assistance Program in Ohio; winemakers. With wine grape production, the communication between the wine grape growers and the• There were more than 162 wineries with more than winemaker is critical for time of harvest, fruit quality, and ultimately wine quality. This workshop is a unique 40+ being quite new; program where both wine grape growers and winemakers were placed in the same room where they learned• Hands-on programs are not offered at typical what each other needs. The program drew 41 attendees, which represented 212 acres of wine grapes and 117,483 educational programs, such as Ohio Grape and gallons of wine. Some of the popular topics were "soil, leaf, and berry sampling techniques, assessing winter Wine Conference; injuries, read soil and tissue test reports, introduction to wine aroma analysis and its importance in recognizing• There was inadequate communication and wine flaws, critical aspects of preventing wine flaws, and essential analytical techniques of must and wine." cooperation between grape growers and Some of the comments included "very good, very useful; great program; worth the trip!" Some of the suggested winemakers. topics for future program were "pruning, insect identification, disease management, and vineyard management." The format of the program was very effective and more programs in this format will be offered in future years. Popular Topics Target Audiences • Soil, petiole and berry Current and Future Grape Growers; sampling techniques; Ohio Wine Industry Vineyard Managers; • Read soil and tissue reports; One million gallons; Current and Future Winemakers; 1,600 acres of grapes; Vineyard Owners; • Assessing winter injuries; Winery Owners. • Introduction to wine sensory $580 million dollars! evaluation in wine flaw 4,100 employees! prevention; • Essential analytical procedures. Audiences Reached Testimonials • The program drew 41 Evaluations “Great program!” “Very good, very helpful!” attendees, who represented • More than 96% of the attendees found “Worth the trip!” “Assessing Winter Injuries” helpful; 212 acres of wine grapes and • More than 92% of the attendees found “Soil, Leaf and Berry Sampling Techniques” 117,483 gallons of wine; helpful; Acknowledgements I would like to thank Thom Harker, Julie • Both new and experienced • All attendees found “Sensory Evaluation in Moose, Patrick Pierquet, Dave Scurlock, Wine Flaw Prevention” useful; and Todd Steiner and for their help with grape growers and wine • Nearly 85% of the attendees found “Essential this workshop. My appreciation also Analytical Procedures of Must and Wine goes to the Ohio Grape Industries makers were present. Analysis” helpful; Program for their financial support.