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Coneva nacaa poster 2012 conv

  1. 1. THE NEWLY DEVELOPED “ALL ABOUT BLUEBERRIES” EXTENSION.ORG WEB PORTAL OFFERS CREDIBLE INFORMATION ON BLUEBERRY PRODUCTION Coneva, E.D.1, Attaway, D.2, Cline, W.O.3, Ferrin, D.2, Himelrick, D.G.2, Hummel, N.2, Machtmes, K2, Marshall, D.4, Morgan, K.5, and Roy, H.2 1Auburn University, Auburn, AL, 36849; 2LSU AgCenter, Baton Rouge, LA, 70803; 3NCSU, Castle Hayne, NC, 28429; 4USDA-ARS, Poplarville, MS, 39470; 5Mississippi State University, Mississippi State, MS, 39762ABSTRACT Our insect identification guide provides an opportunity for initial rapidThe goal of the recently developed eXtension “All about problem detection.Blueberries” Community of Practice (CoP) website is to encourageblueberry production and consumption in the United States. The We strive to actively engage and work together with the projectwebsite engages a wide range of audiences, called the Community Advisory Board members to improve the content, format, andof Interest (CoI), including growers, consumers, and 4-H/Youth who information accessibility of the web portal. Working in a multi-statewant to learn about blueberries. A team of researchers and environment is providing greater visibility of the scientific informationextension specialists are collaborating to develop content for our we are offering at “The Blueberry Production” section and multipliesmulti-faceted constituents in order to empower our CoI to make the overall impact for commercial blueberry growers.educated decisions that benefit their well-being and improve theirquality of life. Horticulture experts from multiple states are focusingtheir effort on developing credible, research-based, up-to-dateinformation and sophisticated online tools and solutions, aimed tofacilitate the growers in the daily decision-making process.One of the novel tools we have developed is a Moodle self-educatingcourse that offers information on various aspects of blueberryproduction. IMPACT Our multistate team of experts has developed and published 470Numerous video clips developed by our team offer information on articles on blueberry production, consumption, and health benefits, 120critical blueberry production topics. Our web site also offers links FAQs, numerous news and events, videos, Moodle courses, interactiveto webinars addressing the importance of various cultural diagrams, and an interactive online insect identification guide. Our “Alltechniques, and health benefits of blueberry consumption. about Blueberries” web portal also provides links to social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, YouTube and Flickr. By the end of the second project year, we had 796 Facebook fans; 127 Twitter followers; 2,722 WordPress views; 2,317 Flickr views; 2,490 You Tube views; a total of 114,049 pageviews coming from 22 countries and 5 continents.