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Chichester pesticide poster (2)


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Chichester pesticide poster (2)

  1. 1. Extension Reaching Manythrough Pesticide Trainings Chichester, K.A. Extension Educator, University of Wyoming, Albany County, Laramie, WY, 82070 AbstractLaramie, Wyoming, is home to portions of management, proper laundering of laundrythe Casper Formation Aquifer. This aquifer and much more. The educator works tosupplies approximately 60% of the city of ensure all participants have the knowledgeLaramie’s drinking water supply through to safely and effectively apply pesticides inwells. It is imperative that individuals a manner consistent with the labeling. Withliving in and around the aquifer’s recharge the movement toward online testing, thezone do all that they can to protect the Wyoming Department of Agriculture haswater supply, as well as avian, wildlife, provided each county extension office withand aquatic species. The University of a computer to administer pesticide licenseWyoming Extension Educator in Albany tests for both private and commercialCounty has worked to provide trainings applicants. The online testing providesfor private pesticide applicators since an instant pass or fail to the examiners.2007 to decrease the risk of pesticide This option is primarily being used for thecontamination to the aquifer. Trainings commercial applicator licenses. Extensionare held each spring before the expiration spends many hours statewide ensuringof the five-year license issued by the those attending the meetings are properlyWyoming Department of Agriculture to the trained to not only protect their waterapplicant. All trainings cover principles of resources but land resources and theirpest control, pesticide labeling, personal families. In this five-year span, 102 privateprotective clothing, calibration, pasture pesticide licenses have been issued. Training participants learning about calibration and the 1/128 method from Albany County Weed and Pest personnel.Participantbuilding a list of Materials and Methodscounty- and Private pesticide applicator training information isstate-declared presented through PowerPoint presentations, real-lifenoxious stories, hands-on activities, and group discussions. Theweeds. length of the training is approximately four hours and is taught by a combination of personnel from Albany Implications County Weed and Pest and University of Wyoming With quickly changing regulations Extension. Trainings are held in March, allowing the and requirements, training materials Wyoming Department of Agriculture time to process need to be relevant. Trainers applications for those with expiring licenses or first-time ensure that all new and updated attendees. A private pesticide license is needed to information is included to provide purchase any restricted-use products. The license is the landowner the best information free and is valid for five years. If community members available. By staying relevant, we are not able to attend the training, they can test online continue to ensure the safety of through the extension office at no cost, taking less than the water quality and the continued an hour. use of pesticides and herbicides to maintain healthy yards and rangelands. Throughout the year, Results and Ima the teaching team keeps track of potential problems, whether it be Over the past five years, 102 private pesticide licenses plant- or insect-based. N have been issued in Albany County to landowners. covering these areas is covered the The number of attendants has steadily increased following year. This method ensures each year. Landowners are more concerned about that producers are receiving timely sustainability and ensuring proper application of and accurate information. pesticides by themselves and/or those under direct supervision on their properties.