Erpnext Demo Day Presentation - July 2012


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On Demo Day, all team members present what they did in the month out of their own initiative. What features did they make or what documentation they wrote, or test cases, or a new product, or a new marketing initiative. It could be anything that adds value to ERPNext.

All the Demo Day presentations are made public on the erpnext blog.

This also means Open Sourcing our management. So look forward to our presentations at the end of the month and follow us to understand how this experiment is working out for us.

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  • Erpnext Demo Day Presentation - July 2012

    1. 1. demo day nabin hait 30-07-2012 []
    2. 2. test cases• stock entry • material issue, receipt and transfer • submit, cancellation and amend• multiple stock transaction on same date-time• serialized inventory • redesigned for individual ledger entry for each serial no• redesigned test unit (with rushabh and anand)
    3. 3. fixes & updates• separate stock ledger entry for each serial no• recurring invoice • validate email ids • process each invoice separately to stop repetitive mail• utility script for test data cleanup• row deletion issue in grid
    4. 4. fixes & updates• packing list • introduced in sales invoice • only for sales bom items • warehouse, serial no and batch no input from packing list for sales bom items• consider joining and relieving date in salary processing• mail sending issue in salary manager• validation added for tax included price feature• frozen account allowed in closing entry
    5. 5. fixes & updates• fixes in new report • same field-name in multiple table• if sales order and delivery note globally set as mandatory, it is only for stock item• actual and reserved qty patch due to incorrect packing list• duplicate sales order entry validation for same po no and customer• list view for salary structure and salary slip
    6. 6. blogsinventory valuation method: fifo vs. moving average
    7. 7. to-do-list• test cases for all modules (top priority)• redesigning of accounts and stock • drop account balance and bin • necessary changes in reports• form and code cleanup• account and inventory integration• fetch sales and purchase rate from serial no• customer-wise and voucher-wise gross profit
    8. 8. self review• invested most times into bug fixes• should do more focus into long term projects• more blogs please share your comments
    9. 9. thank you !