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  1. 1. BCF and Cadbury Community Initiative Gurikha, Bhind, MPSambhavGwalior- Madhya Pradesh
  2. 2. SambhavSambhav Social Service Organisation is a NonGovernmental Organisation working in the fieldof rural development since 1987 among theSahariya Tribal communities and some slumcommunities in Chambal and Bundelkhand regions.Gwalior, Shivpuri, Bhind, Datia,Morena, Guna, Tikamgarh, Chhatarpur, Sheopur districts in Madhya Pradesh,Lalitpur & Jhansi districts in Uttar Pradesh.
  3. 3. Sex Ratio- MPGwalior 847Shivpuri 858Bhind 829Morena 822Guna 886Chhatarpur 869Tikamgarh 886
  4. 4. Early Marriage -Findings: Early marriage : – Age less than 13 yrs. : 15% – Age 14-16 yrs.- 45% – Age 17-19 yrs – 40% First pregnancy: – Age 14-16 yrs. – 25% – Age 17-19 yrs. – 72% – Above 19 yrs. – 3% Gauna – Before the age of 16 : 53% – 17-19 yrs : 45% – Above 19 yrs : 2%
  5. 5. What is responsible?Traditional attitude towards womenLack of Gender analysisPatriarchal social structureLack of Control over economic resourcesLow participation in decisions making-Familyand outsideDowry price continues to be a main causeAbsence of Organized Leadership Fronts ofWomen
  6. 6. Strategies and Interventions Sensitization on gender perspectiveDevelopment of Women and GirlLeadershipHelping in Group Formation ActivitiesCreating Opportunities for her participationin Community activitiesConfidence Building EffortsPromoting girl child education with genderanalysisExposure to other NGOs and projectsworking on women issues
  7. 7. Strategies and Interventions•Networking with other Groups forsupport and Capacity Building•Making use of Legal spaces for theprotection of women rights•Increasing and Recognizing her controlover economic assets and resources•Highlighting the issues of violence andexploitation against women.
  8. 8. ActivitiesMobilizing women and girls through interaction ongender analysis, song, theatre and trainingsFormation of Self Help Groups to work as a pressuregroup for awareness against female infanticide.Organizing activities on leadership developmentDiscussions on Adolescent and women healthDissemination of messages on Elimination ofPractice of female infanticide through exhibitions,seminars, workshops and community meetings, Wallwritings
  9. 9. Establishment of a Education Center for promoting girlchild education with Gender perspectiveVillage Rallies by women and girls against femaleinfanticideWorkshops on PNDT act.Support and monitoring of Mother and Child Healthprogram through women groups and volunteers-Registration of pregnant mothers, ANC and PNCHolding discussions with senior and sensitive men in thediscussions on Female F/Infanticide
  10. 10. SAMBHAV CADBURY COMMUNITY INITATIVEThe Statistical details of the project area are as follows :State M.P.District BhindBlock GohadNumber of Villages 8Total Population 8322Number of Schools 17Women Self Help Groups 19No. of Members in SHG 209Kishori Mandals 3Yuva Mandal 3Bal Mandal 3Mahila Mandal 3Village Development Committee3
  11. 11. Families where Sambhav hasmanaged to save a girl child’s life.Naval Singh GurjarSiddar SinghIndrabhan SinghRan Bhajan SinghRam Singh GurjarNepal SinghGaghar SinghNaresh Kumar Gurjar
  12. 12. AchievementsSambhav has been able to build climate in favorof girlsWomen becoming articulate and self assertiveGroup activities resulting in sense of solidarityand unityIssue of Female Infanticide and feticide widelydiscussed and publicly denounced.Women voices are being heard by MenMen coming up in support of women and girlsrights.