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LEAN INVENTIVE SYSTEMS THINKING (LIST) – A framework for transformation through innovation ignition
The globe is being re-engineered rapidly. Our businesses of today are not what they used to be even a decade back. Our existing methods of thinking – based on analytic and logical methods developed over last couple of centuries are suddenly looking in-effective in the new world of increasing globalization, increasing complexity and unprecedented pace.
The problem solver is in a complex web of decision dependencies and fuzzy end of decision complexity. This session gives a comprehensive exposition to Crafitti’s Lean Inventive Systems Thinking (LIST) framework developed after successful experimentation in multiple domains. This is a potent framework for collective problem solving using three key thinking dimensions – these are Lean Thinking, Inventive or Design thinking and Systems Thinking. It has already proved its worth in designing new products and services, improving overall productivity, reducing cycle time, designing relevant solutions needed by customers, generating Patentable Inventions and minimizing stress on the employees. Some of these cases will be shared in the workshop.
The workshop will provide exposure to some of the known LIST techniques such as
• Design Structure Matrix (DSM),
• Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP),
• Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ),
• Lean Product Development - Set-based concurrent engineering (SBCE),
• Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
Delegates will also be exposed to some of the new techniques developed by us, such as
• System Complexity Estimator (SCE),
• System Change Impact Model (SCIM),
• Project Cacophony,
• Decision Dependency Matrices (DDM’s)

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Lean Inventive Systems Thinking - Why, What and How

  1. 1. crafting innovation together LEAN INVENTIVE SYSTEMS THINKING (LIST) – A framework for transformation through innovation ignitioncrafting innovation together Navneet Bhushan (navneet.bhushan@crafitti.com) Crafitti Consulting (www.crafitti.com) Bangalore, January 27, 2011 Confidential
  2. 2. Question? crafting innovation together We Are All Born Creative? YES/NO?crafting innovation together Confidential © Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. January 28, 2011 2
  3. 3. We Are All Born Creative…. crafting innovation together BUT It is “Taught OUT of US”crafting innovation together A child’s Creativity How Many of Decreases 90% from 5 to us Are 40 or age 7? At 40 it is mere above? 2% of what we had!!!!!!! Confidential Copyright Navneet Bhushan
  4. 4. crafting innovation together THE EXPLODING GLOBALIZING INNOVATIONcrafting innovation together COMPLEXITY - THE GIX BANG World Confidential © Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. January 28, 2011 4
  5. 5. While the definingn measurement of crafting i novation together (old world) was weight – … – the defining measurement of the globalization system is speed – speed of commerce, travel, communication and innovation Thomas L. Friedman, “The Lexus and Olive Tree” Flatteningcrafting innovation together World … And we don’t even realize it … Confidential
  6. 6. The first decade of 20th Century… crafting innovation together • In 1890, Average company in US had - FOUR employees (4) • By 1901, US Steel became world’s first 1 Billion $ company • Ford Motor Company, founded in 1903, was producing half a millioncrafting innovation together cars a by 1913 Confidential © Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. January 28, 2011 6
  7. 7. The first decade of 21st Century… crafting innovation togethercrafting innovation together Confidential © Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. January 28, 2011 7
  8. 8. More is Different – Scale is the New Frontier crafting innovation togethercrafting innovation together Confidential © Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. January 28, 2011 8
  9. 9. Complexity in a Flattening World crafting innovation together Rapid Explosion Human Processing Limits of Complexity (The Magic Number 7 ± 2) Framing Limits Confidence  Connections create Value and Dependencies Number of alternativescrafting innovation together create complexity Time pressure  Future is approaching us Faster than we are Need for analysis letting go our History Information de-coherence  Increasing distance between user requirements Connections of what they really need versus what they want. Networks  With every choice we make today we Kill many possible futures Confidential
  10. 10. YEAR OF THE START OF THE REVOLUTION crafting innovation togethercrafting innovation together Confidential © Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. January 28, 2011 10
  11. 11. crafting innovation togethercrafting innovation together Confidential © Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. January 28, 2011 11
  12. 12. crafting innovation togethercrafting innovation together Confidential © Crafitti Consulting Private Limited 12 12 ©
  13. 13. WHAT IS INNOVATION …….. crafting innovation together • Since I am successful – whatever I am doing – should be called Innovation, Quality, Design, Business Model Innovation AND whatever is the new FAD that is going the rounds ….. • My company is in existence for last X decades – we have survived and in fact have thrived in the world that exist or is going to exist – So please don’t teach me what is INNOVATIONcrafting innovation together • We are doing it for DONKEY Years - Tell me few jargons so that I can package my work – and get (few) more brownie points in front of management and market Confidential 13 ©
  14. 14. WHAT IS INNOVATION …….. crafting innovation together •M.K. Gandhi – “You be the CHANGE that you want to see in the world”crafting innovation together • Successful exploitation of IDEAS (New/Old) to change the way one understands, generate options, choose options, implement options to generate desired effects Confidential 14 ©
  15. 15. “The new age of innovation requires The Changing World …… new methods to deal with complexity. They are likely to be based on a deeper understanding of crafting innovation together indeterminacy, non-linearity, chaos, adaptation, self-organization and distributed intelligence." Navneet Bhushan, Co-Crafter, Founder Director at Crafitti Consultingcrafting innovation together Confidential 15 ©
  16. 16. Nature crafting innovation together is Fractal!crafting innovation together Confidential
  17. 17. Black Swan – The impact of the highly improbable crafting innovation together • “I cannot accept a pretense of science. I much prefer a sophisticated craft, focused on tricks, to a failed science looking for certainties” Nassim Nicholas Talebcrafting innovation together Confidential
  18. 18. crafting innovation togethercrafting innovation together Confidential
  19. 19. Competitive Advantage- Over Ages crafting innovation together How Fast Co-Create How Fast Innovate How much Actionable Connectedness How much Knowledgecrafting innovation together and Quickly Extent of can be How much Informed How much of can be In the Connected Age – Agricultural produced Co-Creators will thrive land and Natural Resources Confidential Time
  20. 20. NEW RULES (of war and Business) – John Arquilla crafting innovation together • Rule 1: "Many and Small" Beats "Few and Large.“ • Rule 2: Finding Matters More Than Flanking.crafting innovation together • Rule 3: Swarming Is the New Surging. a primary maneuver that results in an attack from multiple directions (all points on the compass) by 5 or more (semi) autonomous units on a single Confidential target/unit. Consulting Private Ltd. © Crafitti January 28, 2011 20
  21. 21. Industrial "Success" Curve 4 crafting innovation together 3000 Raw Ideas (unwritten) Log 10 of Number of Ideas Stevens and Burley – Research and 3 Technology Management May 1997. 300 Ideas Submitted 2 125 Small Projectscrafting innovation together 9 Significant Developments 1 4 Major Developments 1.7 Launches I Success 0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Stage of NPD process Confidential
  22. 22. crafting innovation togethercrafting innovation together Confidential
  23. 23. 3 Conditions for Learning Low Threat and crafting innovation together High Challenge Relaxed Alertness Orchestrated Immersion Active Processingcrafting innovation together Experiences processed as In Multiple, the basis of Complex, Meaning Authentic Experiences Confidential
  24. 24. 3 Conditions for Learning crafting innovation together • "Optimizing the use of the human brain means using the brain’s infinite capacity to make connections–and understanding what conditions maximize this process." • Three interactive and mutually supportive elements that should be present in order for complex learning to occur: – An optimal state of mind that we call relaxed alertness, consisting of low threat and high challenge.crafting innovation together – The orchestrated immersion of the learner in multiple, complex, authentic experience. – The regular, active processing of experience as the basis for making meaning. http://www.brainconnection.com/topics/?main=fa/brain- Confidential
  25. 25. • Chaotic Dumbness (High Threat, Low Challenge)v a t i o n crafting inno together – Comply with this or else… – Constant use of “Killer Phrases” to destroy new ideas • Automated Disjointedness (Delegation, Hands Off) – Follow the process, don’t worry about anything – Processes above people – Right processes Mandated will create resultscrafting innovation together – “Skill Set” based work assignment • Passive Analysis (Data Collection, Historical Data Analysis) – Give me all the data that has been accumulated – I will analyze and give you Insights – Quantify – if you cant quantify you don’t really know? – We will do a Quarterly Analysis to provide you results Confidential
  26. 26. crafting innovation together From Chaotic Dumbness to Relaxed Alertness From Automated Disjointedness to Orchestrated Immersioncrafting innovation together From Passive Analysis to Active Processing Confidential
  27. 27. crafting innovation togethercrafting innovation together Confidential © Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. January 28, 2011 27
  28. 28. Get it Right First Time! crafting innovation togethercrafting innovation together Confidential
  29. 29. crafting innovation togethercrafting innovation together Confidential © Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. January 28, 2011 29
  30. 30. Let us talk to Darwin crafting innovation togethercrafting innovation together Confidential © Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. January 28, 2011 30
  31. 31. Failures/Mistakes/Errors crafting innovation together Burning your hand is a small price to pay for a good idea. PLEASE LET YOUR EMPLOYEES FAIL!crafting innovation together Confidential
  32. 32. Innovation is not about Automation Alone! crafting innovation togethercrafting innovation together Confidential
  33. 33. Artful Making crafting innovation togethercrafting innovation together Confidential
  34. 34. crafting innovation togethercrafting innovation together Confidential
  35. 35. 4 Qualities of Artful Making crafting innovation together Accept wide variations • Interactions within known among members of parameters the groups Release Playcrafting innovation together Collaboration Ensemble • Conversation. • Work of a group • Released from Vanity, dedicated to inhibition, preconception collaboration • Treat others inputs as • Create a whole material to make with greater than • So that New Ideas sum of its parts emerge Confidential
  36. 36. Emergence can not be pre- conceived crafting innovation togethercrafting innovation together Re-conceiving everything in response to what team sees as newly possible with each passing movement of rehearsal, as a result of each new Confidential thing tried
  37. 37. Albert Einstein Says crafting innovation togethercrafting innovation together Sometimes one pays the most for the things one gets for nothing The whole of science is nothing more than the refinement of everyday THINKING Confidential
  38. 38. Artful Making - Again crafting innovation togethercrafting innovation together Confidential
  39. 39. Discovery Vs Making crafting innovation together “Discovery” suggests there is a right choice waiting to be foundcrafting innovation together Confidential
  40. 40. HOW TO THINK crafting innovation together When Einstein was asked what was most helpful to him in developing the theory of relativity, hecrafting innovation together replied, “Figuring out how to think Confidential about the problem.”
  41. 41. The ORGANIZATIONAL SWEET SPOT – Frequently Heard Comments crafting innovation together • You Must. • Can you think of other options? • That’s not my Job. • Am I on the right track? • You have no choice. • Lets take another look at that deadline. • Have you forgotten the deadline? • Thanks for taking the initiative. • We need to talk. • How often should we meet? • It’s the bottom line that counts. • We’re in it together. • This is for your own good. • What’s your gut feeling on this? • Get off my back. • How can I help?crafting innovation together • I don’t care how you feel. • Is this mutually beneficial? • You had better pay attention to • How does this support our overall company policy. activities? • Don’t you understand? • Please take a real critical look at my • Is it time to go home yet? proposal. • How time flies. Controlled-Access Context Shared-Access Context Confidential © Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. January 28, 2011 41
  42. 42. crafting innovation together LEAN INVENTIVE SYSTEMS THINKING (LIST) CLASSICAL THE LIST REDUCTIONISMcrafting innovation together Learning, Discovery, Design, Analysis, Determinism, Evolutionary, Experimental, Dualism, Correspondence Integrative, Holistic, Non- theory of knowledge, linear, Natural Rationality, Artificial Confidential © Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. January 28, 2011 42
  43. 43. Software Innovation Ignition – Lean Inventive Systems Thinking crafting innovation together Inventive Thinking (inventive triggers, laws of evolution, scenario building, focus on function) Systems Thinking Lean Thinking (holistic approach, (Value maximization, global optima, experimentation, expanded and learning approach, connected systemcrafting innovation together elegance) context) LIST (Lean Inventive Along with Analytical Systems and Logical Thinking Thinking) Confidential © Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. 43
  44. 44. Lets go back 60+ years …….. crafting innovation together 1946, WW II had just ended A 20 years old Engineer in Baku, USSR, working in USSR Innovation Office, decidedcrafting innovation together To explore methods for systematic invention that could transform engineering creativity into a logical discipline. He conjectured, the key secrets of inventiveness should NOT be sought inside the inventor’s minds, but rather in the logic of inventions themselves. Confidential 44 ©
  45. 45. WE LIVE IN THE ERA OF TECHNOLOGICAL REVOLUTIONS crafting innovation together At the dawn of the human race mankind conquered the illuminating power of fire. Now we are learning to conquer something much morecrafting innovation together powerful, the power of mind, to penetrate and illuminate an unknown future Confidential 45 January 28, 2011 ©
  46. 46. TRIZ – Inventive-Problem Solving by Altshuller crafting innovation together • 1946 Patent Officer in Russian Teoriya Resheniya Izobreatatelskikh Zadatch Navy • Discovered • Same Problems and Solutions appear repeatedly in different patterns in industries (Myth: My field is Unique ) patents, • There are a series of recognizable evolution paths for all technical published paper. systems (Myth: Evolution is Completely Random) Sent to Gulag • Innovative solutions used theories outside their own area/industry • 1954 released, (Myth: Innovation happens through Deeper Knowledge)crafting innovation together analysed • The most powerful solutions uncover and eliminate contradictions 2,500,000 patents (Myth: Optimization is the Focus) • Identified what makes a successful patent TRIZ itself does not solve problems. • 1956-1985 TRIZ Problems are solved by people. formulated TRIZ teaches how to solve problems. Confidential
  47. 47. TRIZ is about Abstraction crafting innovation together Teoriya Resheniya Izobreatatelskikh Zadatch World‟s best ideas A situation like mine World in this situation (Abstraction) Knowledge Access (Access) Base Abstraction Specific My specific situation My specific solutioncrafting innovation together Evaluate Me / my company Confidential 47 ©
  48. 48. Why TRIZ? crafting innovation together Theory of Inventive Problem Solving by Altshuller Main postulates : ► The evolution of engineeringcrafting innovation together systems is not a random process, but obeys certain laws; ► Products/processes evolve towards the increase of perfection (ideality) by elicitation and overcoming technical and physical contradictions. Confidential 48 January 28, 2011 ©
  49. 49. The main “Idea Killer” – Psychological Inertia crafting innovation together * Assume a large field which has somewhere underground a box of diamonds. Problem solving is like digging for treasure in a fieldcrafting innovation together • If a hole already exists, our inclination is to dig it deeper • The deeper the hole, the more difficult it is to see what’s happening in other parts of the field • If someone else comes along, we encourage them to jump in the hole with us The overall effect is called Confidential PSYCHOLOGICAL INERTIA 49 ©
  50. 50. The main “Innovation Killer” – Psychological Inertia crafting innovation together Main sources of Psychological Inertia: • One discipline only / Not outside your specialty / Looking for Solutions where we feel comfortable • Result of life experiences / Cultural Backgroundscrafting innovation together • “This is the way we’ve always done it” syndrome Confidential
  51. 51. crafting innovation togethercrafting innovation together Confidential © Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. January 28, 2011 51
  52. 52. How do we Kill Ideas - Killer Phrases should not be used during Idea Generation* crafting innovation together 1. "Yes, but. . . " 21. "The boss will never go for it." 2. "We tried that before." 22. "Its too far ahead of the times." 3. "Thats irrelevant." 23. . . . laughter. . . 4. "We havent got the manpower." 24. . . . suppressed laughter. . . 5. "Obviously, you misread my request." 25. . . . condescending grin. . . 6. "Dont rock the boat!" 26. . . . dirty looks. . . 7. "The boss (or competition) will eat you alive." 27. "Dont fight city hall!" 8. "Dont waste time thinking." 28. "Im the one who gets paid to think." 9. "Great idea, but not for us." 29. "What will people say?" 10. "Itll never fly." 30. "Get a committee to look into that."crafting innovation together 11. "Dont be ridiculous." 31. "If it aint broke, dont fix it." 12. "People dont want change." 32. "You have got to be kidding." 13. "Its not in the budget." 33. "No!" 14. "Put it in writing." 34. "Weve always done it this way." 15. "It will be more trouble than its worth." 35. "Its all right in theory. . . but. . ." 16. "It isnt your responsibility." 36. "Be practical!" 17. "Thats not in your job description." 37. "Do you realize the paperwork it will create?" 18. "You cant teach an old dog new tricks." 38. "Because I said so." * Reference: “What A Great 19. "Lets stick with what works."C 39. "Ill get back to you." Idea” by Charles “Chick” Thompson, 1992, 20. "Weve done all right so far." 40. . . . silence. . . HarperCollins Publishers Confidential
  53. 53. Questions that TRIZ asks you… crafting innovation together 1. What is my Ideal Final Result – How can I achieve the functionality without spending any resources or cost 2. How the problem/situation/system looks in time and space coordinates 3. Am I using all the existing resources or potential resources to the fullestcrafting innovation together 4. What is the main useful function I need to deliver. What are various ways in which I can deliver the function 5. How others have solved the same problem in the past Confidential Copyri
  54. 54. crafting innovation together SYSTEMS THINKING/ HOLISTIC THINKINGcrafting innovation together Confidential 17/Aug/2007 Copyri
  55. 55. Traditional Approach Vs Systems Approach crafting innovation together – Fragment the whole – Multiple Solutions for the (problem) into parts same objective – Specialist for each part – Context Specific – Optimal/perfect solution Appropriatenesscrafting innovation together for each part – “Choice” based on available – Assemble back the parts to information obtain “optimised” solution – Fallibility of the Decision- for the whole (problem) maker Confidential
  56. 56. Systems Thinking crafting innovation together • Enables us to discover trends and patterns • How they interact over time • Helps in analysing reality objectively, • Identify the structures that underlie complex situations • Enables us to understand and respond to the dynamics of strategic leverage pointscrafting innovation together Confidential
  57. 57. LIST Process crafting innovation together Value as the starting point Create a holistic understanding of the system to understand and define value (Systems Thinking) Invent/Design the solution in such a way that the function is achieved with no cost and no adversecrafting innovation together impact (Ideality from TRIZ) Deliver the solution in such a way that it takes only the needed time and effort, by continuously eliminating waste (Minimum Waste from Lean) Confidential
  58. 58. What is Value? crafting innovation together • Customer defined • Opaque • Contextual • Multidimensional • Tradeoff • Relativecrafting innovation together • It is a Mindset “The perceived worth of the set of benefits received by a customer in exchange for the total cost of the offering, taking into consideration available competitive offerings and pricings” Prof Mohanbir Sahney Confidential
  59. 59. What is Value Mindset? crafting innovation togethercrafting innovation together Confidential
  60. 60. Value = How Close to Idealitya fyoui n n o v a t i o n t o g e t h e r cr ting are - IDEAL FINAL RESULT Value = Have you utilized all the resources available in the existing system? Value = Are you delivering the function needed? Value = Are you thinking of resourcescrafting innovation together Available in three dimensions of time space and interface THINK THINK IN TIME & FUNCTION SPACE THINK THINK Confidential IDEALITY RESOURCES
  61. 61. crafting innovation togethercrafting innovation together Confidential © Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. January 28, 2011 61
  62. 62. Customer Value Framework crafting innovation togethercrafting innovation together Confidential © Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. January 28, 2011 62
  63. 63. Co-opetition – How Game Theory and System Thinking can be leveraged to define Customeri nValuen t o g e t h e r crafting novatio Customer s Competitors Company Complementorscrafting innovation together Suppliers LEVERAGING THE VALUE Leverage our Customer‟s Value net NET Confidential
  64. 64. How to Come Out of Psychological Inertia crafting innovation together 9 Windows – Peep into Spacecrafting innovation together & Time Confidential 64 January 28, 2011 ©
  65. 65. Thinking In Time and Space crafting innovation together Plain Forest Coal Seed Tree Timbercrafting innovation together DNA Fruit Pie Confidential Copyri
  66. 66. SYSTEM OPERATOR („9 Windows‟) crafting innovation together SUPERSYSTEM SYSTEMcrafting innovation together SUBSYSTEM PAST PRESENT FUTURE Confidential Copyri
  67. 67. What is a Technical System? crafting innovation together Anything that performs a function is a Technical System Model of a Function A function is an intended direct (physical) action of the tool on the object Tool Object function Formulation of Functions Correct (If not, Correct it)crafting innovation together Fan cools the Body Lens magnifies the Object Hot air dries hair Incandescent bulb illuminates the room Air Conditioner improves our comfort Lightning Rod attracts lightning Microwave Oven cooks Food Confidential 67 January 28, 2011 ©
  68. 68. crafting innovation together LET US DESIGN A NEW TOOTHcrafting innovation together BRUSH Confidential
  69. 69. crafting innovation together What Function do we need to perform?crafting innovation together CLEAN TEETH Confidential
  70. 70. crafting innovation together We are Designing Acrafting innovation together Product to Clean Teeth Confidential
  71. 71. crafting innovation together How others have performed this functioncrafting innovation together Cleans Teeth == Cleans Solid Confidential
  72. 72. crafting innovation together 25 Ways available for function : Cleans Desorption Redox Reactions Acoustic Cavitation Hydrodynamic Solid Acoustic Vibration Cavitation Cavitation Laser Gettering Combustion Ultrasonic Oscillation 25 New Directions Jet Erosion Spark Erosion Friction Cryolysis to Think for Electrochemical Photo-Oxidationcrafting innovation together Erosion Optohydraulic Effect Electron Impact Explosion designing the New Desorption Laser Evaporation Thermo-destruction Dissolution Product for Ionic Action Radioactivity Mechanical Action/Brushes Electrolysis Cleaning Teeth Confidential 02 Dec 2005
  73. 73. crafting innovation together IDEAL FINAL RESULTcrafting innovation together Confidential Copyri
  74. 74. Ideal Final Result - Deployment Philosophy crafting innovation together CURRENT IDEAL SITUATION FINAL RESULT 1… 2… 3…. n.… generationcrafting innovation together Current …. Intermediate Function achieved Design solutions without resource Confidential Copyri
  75. 75. crafting innovation together SELF-crafting innovation together Confidential Copyri
  76. 76. crafting innovation together SELF- compensating aligning adjusting cleaningcrafting innovation together balancing heating cooling locking repairing etc Confidential Copyright Navneet Bhushan
  77. 77. Ideal final result (Some patents on movement towards Self!) crafting innovation together • Function is achieved on its own – Self-Configuring Consumer Products – Self-Customized Consumer Productscrafting innovation together Confidential
  78. 78. crafting innovation together Customizable Consumer Products – Patents Can tell us possible paths!crafting innovation together Self-Configure Self-Customize Confidential
  79. 79. Air freshener system utilizing breakable cartridges crafting innovation together • Abstract of EP1118338 A self-contained battery powered air freshener (10) including a housing (12,14) having an inlet portion through which ambient air is drawn into the housing be means of a battery powered fan (30). The air is passed about a quantity of vaporizable material (35) contained within the housing, and then discharged therefrom into the ambient air carrying the vaporized portion of the product therewith. One or more replaceable breakable cartridges (36), containing air freshening material, are positionable within a magazine (40) within the housing, the magazine (40) providing a support well (45) for supporting a replaceable battery (42) such that the deodorizing material and battery may be separately replaced when either of these items has become expended. The air freshener is released by breaking thecrafting innovation together breakable cartridges (36) inserted within the housing. The consumer can customize the strength of the air freshener by determining the quantity of cartridges to place in the housing and can customize the scent by providing differently scented cartridges in the same housing. Different Alternatives placed in the same system, adjustable at use time to get specific scent Confidential
  80. 80. Guided instructional cardiovascular exercise with accompaniment crafting innovation together • Abstract of US2002142887 A cardiovascular exercise method and system embodying a combination of guidance, motivation, entertainment, community, participation and achievement monitoring. Combined into one integrated system are selectable virtual and real time directed and/or guided exercises particularly adapted for stationary exercise equipment. Such equipment includes spinning bikes, upright bikes, recumbent bikes, elliptical machines, stair stepper/climbers and treadmill/trekers, cross-country simulators and rowing machines. Provision is made for performance by individuals in virtual or actual groups. Also included are audio-visual accompaniment selectable from music, nature sounds and exercise-related sounds for enhancing the exercise experience from the perspective of guidance, motivation, entertainment and achievement monitoring. To facilitate individualization to particular needs of individuals, provision is made for ascertainingcrafting innovation together the ongoing physical conditions of participants and for participants to customize exercise criteria to reflect recognition of such ongoing physical conditions. These criteria include lengths and exertion levels of exercise periods and establishment of heart rate (pulse) zones. To include a full range of features, provision is made for delayed or real-time modes; delayed participants being those who participate in a delayed manner after guidance has occurred, while real-time participants are those who participate while guidance is being provided. Further extending versatility and range of operation, provision is made for distribution of guidance over the Internet and Stored or Internet enabled other modes of communication to devices such as MP3 players, computer(s) or Personal digital Assistants. multiple environments to use as Downloads may be made using wireless cable, satellite, microwave and the like. Thus, the system and method may be employed without geographic limitation, and per need and mood interactive participation is encouraged. Also included is a particular form of guidance which enables an individual to Confidential
  81. 81. Methods and apparatus for improved interocclusal mandibular repositioning with adjustable relational members c r a f t i n g i n n o v a t i o n t o g e t h e r • Abstract of US6769910 A non-surgical oral appliance for improving breathing, and abating or completely alleviating snoring sounds, TMJ and bruxism while sleeping. In one embodiment the user is professionally fitted for the appliance such that the appliance positions the mandible in an open, protrusive, predetermined position such that the oral airway permits the enhanced passage of air. In another embodiment the user is "self" fitted and there in may customize the appliance in the home or likecrafting innovation together setting such that the appliance positions the mandible in an open, protrusive position such that the oral airway permits the enhanced passage of air. Either appliance embodiment may have either a bi-lateral attachment means or anterior means wherein each appliance may have upper and lower surfaces that cover and mold to the respective Adjustable by the user on his shape(s) and in contour with the users teeth. Positioned upon these upper and lower body surfaces, either bi-laterally or anteriorly, are attachment means. These attachment means are further positioned and adjusted to provide Confidential optimum oral opening coupled with the
  82. 82. NEEDLE INJECTION-FACILITATING DEVICE crafting innovation together • Abstract of US2001044606 A device to aid in the subcutaneous injection of a hypodermic needle has an outer component which is a hollow longitudinal cylindrical sleeve with an inverted frusto- conical base capable of placement on a skin surface, and an inner component which is a hollow cylindrical sleeve of smaller diameter than the outer component and slidably disposed within the outer component. The inner component can hold various size adaptors to customize the device for use withcrafting innovation together different types or sizes of syringe. Located at the distal end of the inner component is a retaining collar with an aperture sized to receive the hub of a hypodermic needle and through which the needle projects. In a retracted position, the retaining collar rests inside a retaining groove circumscribed within Segment System into Flexible the inner wall of the outer component. The two components slide along a common part and a fixed part – provide longitudinal axis in a telescopic arrangement and their movement relative to one another alternatives flexible parts for may be controlled by spring means which is compressed when a manual axial force is various functions applied to the syringe prior to insertion of the Confidential
  83. 83. Archery bow handle riser with replaceable grip heel crafting innovation together • Abstract of US5551413 An archery bow handle riser includes a hand grip portion with a self or integral throat portion and a heel member mounting portion to accept a variety of different replaceable heel members. In this way a narrow throat portion can be maintained while providing a wide variety of heel members to customize the hand grip as preferred by an individual archer.crafting innovation together Use Flexible structures to adjust to alternative needs of different users Confidential
  84. 84. SURFACE COMPRISING A MICROSTRUCTURE THAT REDUCES ADHESION AND ASSOCIATED PRODUCTION METHOD crafting innovation together • Abstract of WO2006021507 The invention relates to a surface comprising a microstructure that reduces adhesion and to a method for producing said microstructure. Microstructures of this type that reduce adhesion are known and are used, for example, to configure self-cleaning surfaces that use the Lotus effect. According to the invention, the surface is produced electrochemically by means of reverse pulse plating, the known microstructure being first produced and a nanostructure that is overlaid on thecrafting innovation together microstructure is produced at the same time or in a subsequent step. To achieve this for example, the pulse length of the current pulse Can there be peel off that is used during the reverse pulse plating lies in the millisecond range and has a pulse length structures which get removed ratio greater than 1:3 (anodic:cathodic). The microstructure that has been produced, on use? Can there be different consisting of peaks (19) and troughs (20) is then overlaid with peaks (19n) and troughs (20n) of a surfaces that can be self- smaller size order belonging to the nanostructure, thus permitting the Lotus effect generated based on specific that is achieved by the surface to be greatly improved. need? Confidential
  85. 85. MENU-DRIVEN MEDICAL DEVICE CONFIGURATION crafting innovation together • Abstract of WO2004070533 The invention is directed to techniques for configuration of a medical device, such as a defibrillator or patient monitor. The configuration is menu-driven. The medical device may present a menu of patient conditions to an operator. When the operator selects a patient condition from the menu, the device selects a configuration parameter and self-configures with the configuration parameter. The menu-driven techniques may further allow an operator to change the configuration of the device tocrafting innovation together configure the device more specifically to the condition of the patient. The menu-driven techniques may also allow the device to self- configure with a default configuration parameter in the event the operator fails to make a menu selection. Menu Driven Devices, Products, etc Confidential
  86. 86. Innovation Crafting crafting innovation together Idea Generation Situation Assessment TRIZ Six Hats Idea Clustering – Solutionscrafting innovation together Generation DSM AHP Solution Implementation Solution Evaluation Confidential
  87. 87. Convergence in Design…How Toyota does it… crafting innovation together How to converge from an initial set of conceptual ideas to one idea that will become the final Design? Early Convergence Strategy Toyota’s Slow Convergence - Point-Based CE – Set-Based CE Large Design Spaces – Design Critical Integration of Sets Chose Space n Analysiscrafting innovation together Design Modificati “ELIMINATE on “DESIGN WEAKEST CHURNING” Confidential ALTERNATIVES”
  88. 88. LEAN THINKING - Principles that Stick crafting innovation together 7 Principles that Stick Plan your Project and Project your Plan Collaboration is the key and it has two parts Cooperation and Elaboration Deliver Customer Identify and Exploit Concurrency where ever Value in least time with you can least effort Wait Times are Waste Timescrafting innovation together Crisis Avoidance is an order of magnitude more profitable than Crisis Management Best time to detect and respond to an error/defect/bug/mistake is while it is being created Decisions made in the value stream and Handoffs in value stream are main stream decelerators Confidential
  89. 89. crafting innovation together LEAN INVENTIVE SYSTEMS THINKING Case Studiescrafting innovation together Confidential
  90. 90. Creating a Common crafting innovation together Operating Picture using Dependency Structure Matrixcrafting innovation together (DSM) Confidential
  91. 91. Dependency Analysis – Design Structure Matrix (DSM) crafting innovation together • DSM – a methodology to sequence information flows DSM is a square binary matrix whose rows and columns represent the individual activities/tasks and element values represent the relationships between these activities. Relationship Parallel Series Coupled (Loop) A A Graphic A B Representation Bcrafting innovation together B (CPM) (CPM) (not allowed in CPM) A B A B A B DSM A A A X Representation B B X B X (indicates iteration) Confidential
  92. 92. crafting innovation together Top 3 Medical Devices Companycrafting innovation together Confidential
  93. 93. Cardiac Rhythm Management crafting innovation togethercrafting innovation together Components Suppliers US Non US Leads 545 68 78% (53) 22% (15) PG ~2500 194 87% (169) 13% (25) Confidential
  94. 94. Enterprise Wide Initiative – To Strengthen, Streamline and make Processes more Robust crafting innovation togethercrafting innovation together Confidential
  95. 95. crafting innovation together Dependency Structure Workshop Key Participants • Design Engineercrafting innovation together • Supplier Engineer • Production Engineer Confidential
  96. 96. Understanding Process Complexity crafting innovation togethercrafting innovation together Dependency Structure Matrix Confidential
  97. 97. Understand Process Complexity crafting innovation together Rework Iterations Multiple Handoffs Ambiguities Uncertainty -possible chaoscrafting innovation together Identifying Complexity Blocks Confidential Copyri
  98. 98. Organizational Complexity crafting innovation togethercrafting innovation together High Interactions between various departments – High Organizational Complexity Confidential Copyri
  99. 99. crafting innovation together 10 15 20 25 0 5Confidential WindChill WinSPC MATT CATSWEB - Applications TWO (Tool ATHENA SMART Product/Desig Supplier Manufacturing Reliability Regulatory Medical Actors Quality Test Suppliers Test Process Dependencies Compliance Documentation Tool Operators Project R&D crafting innovation together Operations Regulatory Supplier Departments Model Shop Process Dependencies on Applications, Actors and Departments
  100. 100. crafting innovation together Robust Inventive Software Design (2005)crafting innovation together Paper presented at DSM Conference, Boeing, Seattle, Oct, 2005. Confidential 100 © Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd.
  101. 101. Organization crafting innovation together • Is Software Construction - Designing? • Brief Exposure to TRIZ, AHP and DSM • Robust Inventive Software Design – The Framework • Customer Needs and Value • System Complexity Estimation – DSM Variantcrafting innovation together • Robustness Index Estimation • Relative Customer Value Estimation • Effective Design- Choice • Further Work Confidential RISD | 101