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Creating innovation co crafters


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Presentation Made at International Business Conference at AMITY 15 March 2013

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Creating innovation co crafters

  1. 1. Taking On the Mobile: +91 9902766961 15 March 2013, NOIDA Creating Successful Change by creatingInnovation Co-Crafters
  3. 3. India’s Demographic Dividend• "With a median age of 33, Chinas population is edging toward middle age, while India, with a median age of just 25, is still relatively youthful.• The ratio of workers to dependents in China.... will likely peak at 2.6 in 2010, then decline, leaving ever smaller numbers of workers born of the countrys one-child policy to support a vast aging population.• In India, meanwhile, the demographic transformation will be less sharp but longer lived; the ratio of workers to dependents will peak at 2.2, but not until 2035, suggesting that the potential economic gains from Indias demographic dividend are still to come... om.htmlWe need to own the Next 25 Years ……
  4. 4. If India acts urgently, it may well be nextglobal economic powerhouse, as everyone wants to believe. If not, all bets are off.
  5. 5. How to make the future count?Leaders who will Lead India to buildthe new globe are already born ….How will we help them in changing the globe ……
  6. 6. EXISTING EDUCATION SYSTEM …. Tries to fit water into pre-fixed glasses – may be of different shapes …STUDENTS PRE-FIXED GLASSES of the Education System
  7. 7. Breaking the Glass!- EXISTING EDUCATION SYSTEM Can the Learner Choose the glass – or create his/her own container?
  8. 8. © Crafitti Consulting PrivateMarch 15, 2013 8 Ltd.
  9. 9. We teach our students ….• Physics• Chemistry Why can’t we teach• Mathematics• Biology them to be Inventors,• Computer Science Innovators,• Languages• History Entrepreneurs ….• Geography• …….
  10. 10. There Exists a Science of Invention andInnovation …. • How to Think about the problem of Inventing … We need to solve the problem of Inventing … We need a Theory of Inventing …. We need a Theory of Inventive Problem Solving • The Theory needs to be practiced …. And it needs to reach the most fertile mind quickly … • We need our children to become innovators – we need them to experience the Joy of Inventing ….
  11. 11. After years of experimenting andsuccessful usage with well-establishedEngineers and Scientists….Crafitti Consulting Private Limited( brings a Unique programmeto transform MBA’s, Engineers and ProfessionalsINVENTORS, INNOVATORS and ENTREPRENEURS …. INNOVATION IGNITION PROGRAMME FOR COLLEGES …..Do you want your College to have Innovation Ignition?
  12. 12. Intel’s Ex-CEO PARANOID! © Crafitti Consulting PrivateMarch 15, 2013 12 Ltd.
  13. 13. VENTURES FAIL ….BECAUSE THEY WERE NOTINVENTED!!!March 15, 2013 13 © Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd.
  14. 14. CREATIVITY, INVENTION, INNOVATION• Creativity: Generating/Imagining/Re- imagining New Alternatives/Options/ Choices (May be Purposeless/Purposeful)• Invention: Successful technical solution to a problem (Purposeful)• Innovation: Creating successful change through ideas (Purposeful) © Crafitti Consulting PrivateMarch 15, 2013 14 Ltd.
  15. 15. Some More Definitions Term Definition/ DescriptionDecision- Selecting a subset of available choices for going into Making future to achieve an objective (Purposeful) Ideas Those thoughts that bring in the genesis of change – many times fundamental. (May emerge through imagination, problem solving, improving a working system or serendipitously)Crafting A process of giving shape, form and structure to an abstract concept or idea in such a manner that it performs specific functions or behave in specific ways under a range of environmental conditions and situations. © Crafitti Consulting PrivateMarch 15, 2013 15 Ltd.
  16. 16. Google trends 07 THE GIXBANG WORLDJune 2012: Globalization is Increasing at twice the rate of Complexity we need to increase the rate of Innovation 5 TIMES! Google trends 30 January 2013: March 15, 2013 © Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. 16
  17. 17. PASSION ….. Is the New Skill for the New World
  18. 18. What (should) make the NEW? Purpose © Crafitti Consulting Private March 15, 2013 18 Ltd.
  19. 19. How many NON-OBVIOUS IDEAS are needed? How to Get Non-Obvious Industrial "Success" Curve Ideas? 4 3000 Raw Ideas (unwritten) Stevens and Burley – • Perseverance, Patience, Burning Log 10 of Number of Ideas 3 Research and Technology your hands – sometimes burning Management May 1997. yourself as well 300 Ideas Submitted • Systematically search for ways of 2 125 Small Projects overcoming barriers – by getting 1 9 Significant Developments relevant knowledge and getting 4 Major Developments the mind to relevant 1.7 Launches I Success psychological state 0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Stage of NPD processIn 1997 - 3000 Raw Ideas = TODAY (2013)1 Successful Product! We need more –many more - ideas? Non-Obvious Ideas!
  20. 20. IDEAS and SourcesIDEAS are those thoughts that bringin the genesis of change – many IDEAS need to be crafted throughtimes fundamental. These are orchestrated immersion. Contrary tothoughts that one doesn’t get in popular belief of organization having lotsregular run-of-the-mill thinking. of ideas and it is all about execution, ourIDEAS can happen serendipitously in experiences show ideas need to be craftedhuman mind. They can happen at any through orchestrated immersion of mindstime. They can be fleeting glimpsesof problem solutions, can be dreams that work inside and with the enterprises.of possible new opportunities, can benew design structures or simply newexperiences. IDEAS doesn’t happen just like that.They come to prepared minds. Onlyprepared minds can transform thesethoughts into change. It requires anability to generate and execute at thesame time. © Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. 20
  21. 21. WE NEED HELP TO Generate Ideas and Create the NEW Massive Innovation is Needed – It requires shift in FUNDAMENTAL WAYS IN WHICH WE THINK!
  22. 22. Crafitti’s Framework for Innovation 1. EXPLORE SEE OBSERVE UNDERSTAND AND LIVE – Reach to the SOUL of a System 2. IDEATE INVOKE – ALVIS IN YOU – Analytical Logical Value Inventive and Systems Thinking 3. EMPOWER IDEAS CRAFT CHANGE – Connect, Relate, Allow, Follow-Up, Turn-AroundMarch 15, 2013 22
  24. 24. An Integrated Approach – ALVIS THINKING Value Thinking Logical (Minimize Waste – Inventive Maximize Value) Thinking Thinking (Informal and (Ideality – Functions Formal Reasoning) – Resources) Analytical Systems Thinking (Divide complex problems ALVIS Thinking (Holistic Approach into multiple solvable problems ) – Exploring Complexity)March 15, 2013 24
  25. 25. FIRST SYSTEMATIC STUDY OF TECHNOLOGICAL EVOLUTION RESULTED in TRIZ • Discovered patterns in patents, published paper. Sent to Gulag • 1954 released, analysed 2,500,000 patents • Identified what makes a strong invention • 1956-1985 TRIZ formulatedAltshuller formulated main postulates of TRIZ:The evolution of engineering systems is not a random process, but obeys certain laws;Products/processes evolve towards the increase of perfection (ideality) by elicitation and overcoming technical and physical contradictions. Altshuller was put in Gulag by Stalin March 15, 2013 25 © Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd.
  26. 26. Taking On the NextLearn to Innovate – UNLEASHINGINNOVATIONCO-CRAFTERS!
  27. 27. Innovation Ignition Programme for Colleges • A Unique Programme for MBAs, Engineers and Working professionals • A Unique Programme for Teachers (They are most under-utilized inventors in an institute) • College will own the inventions and patents by their students and teachers • Students and Teachers will have their names on the Patent as Inventors! And a stake in the patent • Colleges can have stakes in incubated companies of their students • Schools can generate revenues from their “INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY”
  28. 28. 9 Months - Innovation Co-CraftingProgramme – Give Birth to your IDEA • Phase I: UNDERSTAND THE WORLD AROUND YOU (Trimester I) Discover yourself and your business – Make your model of the world – articulate that model • Phase II: UNDERSTAND YOUR MARKETS AND YOUR CUSTOMERS (Trimester II) Describe and Develop your Business – Identify key opportunities and problems – Develop possible strategic directions that your business can take • Phase III: UNDERSTAND YOUR BUSINESS (Trimester III) Deploy and Measure your Business – What is working – How you are making decisions about your business10 weeks- Certified Innovation Co-Crafter Programme
  29. 29. For Whom … In 9 Months companies can create their RED teams
  30. 30. For Whom …You are an MBA – but notEMPLOYABLE in a world which haschanged from the world that is In 9 Months youtaught in MBAs can become the Change Agent that companies will be looking to buy you
  31. 31. For Whom …Is it time to change Job? OrMaybe – Its time to start thedream of creating your own In 9 Months youventure will deliver the venture that you always dreamt of
  32. 32. TRIMESTER I – Subjects (480 Hours in 12 weeks)• TRIZ - Inventive Thinking 54 Hours• Scenario Writing/Planning 54 Hours• Crisis/Seminar Gaming 54 Hours• Networks/Social Networks 54 Hours• Theory of Evolution 54 Hours• Field Work I – Understanding World 90 Hours• Discover yourself and your business 120 Hours
  33. 33. TRIMESTER II – Subjects (480 Hours in 12 weeks)• Strategy 54 Hours• Systems Thinking 54 Hours• Understanding Wealth and Money 54 Hours• Globalization 54 Hours• Theories of Innovation 54 Hours• Field Work II – Understanding Customers 90 Hours• Describe and Develop your Business 120 Hours
  34. 34. TRIMESTER III – Subjects (480 Hours in 12 weeks)• Why and How your Business Can fail? 54 Hours• Digital Disruptions 54 Hours• Value, Lean and Quality Thinking 54 Hours• Intellectual Property Systems 54 Hours• Theories of Decision Making 54 Hours• Field Work III – Understanding Your Business 90 Hours• Deploying and Measuring your Business 120 Hours
  35. 35. AIMThe key aim of the school is to Learn, Create,Make, Invent, Design, Think and to Ignite theInnovation Potential in EVERYONE participatingin this school. CREATING INNOVATION CO- CRAFTERS
  36. 36. WHO IS AN INNOVATION CO-CRAFTER An Innovation Co-Crafter is a Simpleton, Scientist and Saint - who starts along with people in a system (experienced domain experts) to reach to the SOUL of the system. He starts every time as a simpleton - then he becomes a scientist and finally achieves sainthood - reaching and delivering a wisdom of the system to effect change that is needed - making the system as close to Ideal as is possible. In this journey - he creates systemic change along with people in the system.March 15, 2013 36
  37. 37. WHO IS AN INNOVATION CO-CRAFTER Every time the co-crafter starts as a simpleton who has multiple lenses to view reality and many times creates new lenses to look at reality - during these adventures in wonderland he behaves like a scientist – experimenting, exploring, understanding through the steps of SOUL - See, Observe, Understand and Live - after the simpleton has reached to the SOUL of the system, he starts the change process needed - a change that impacts all around him. Slowly the wisdom gleaned from these becomes the new change that the system needed and experts start developing their expertise in the new change!March 15, 2013 37
  38. 38. WHO IS AN INNOVATION CO-CRAFTER A co-crafter is a simpleton who becomes a scientist and then achieves sainthood by working with a system and the people in the system to make the system as close to an ideal system as is possible - He has to be humble, has to accept that he doesn’t know and actually need to reach the SOUL of the system by learning to See, Observe, Understand and Live (SOUL) the system. Achieving Sainthood from being a simpleton every time is a learning process! A co-crafter takes the organization that he works with to the Simplicity on the other side of complexity - one has to go through complexity. This side of simplicity will keep us simpletons - I hope you can connect with being Simpleton as this side of complexity - being a Saint is on other side of complexity and exploring complexity is being a scientist! The co-crafter takes the system through a journey of simplicity from this side of complexity to the other side ofMarch 15, 2013 complexity, breaking and many times shattering the 38 mountains of complexity!
  39. 39. 3 Conditions for Learning Low Threat and High Challenge Relaxed Alertness Orchestrated Immersion Active Processing Experiences processed asIn Multiple, the basis of Complex, Meaning AuthenticExperiences
  40. 40. • Chaotic Dumbness (High Threat, Low Challenge) – Comply with this or else… – Constant use of “Killer Phrases” to destroy new ideas• Automated Disjointedness (Delegation, Hands Off) – Follow the process, don’t worry about anything – Processes above people – Right processes Mandated will create results – “Skill Set” based work assignment• Passive Analysis (Data Collection, Historical Data Analysis) – Give me all the data that has been accumulated – I will analyze and give you Insights – Quantify – if you cant quantify you don’t really know? – We will do a Quarterly Analysis to provide you results
  41. 41. From Chaotic Dumbness to Relaxed AlertnessFrom Automated Disjointedness to Orchestrated Immersion From Passive Analysis to Active Processing
  42. 42. Competitive Advantage- Over Ages How Fast Co-Create How Fast InnovateExtent of Connectedness How much Actionable How much Knowledge and Quickly can be Informed How much can In the Connected Age – How much of be produced Agricultural Co-Creators will thrive land and Natural Resources Time
  43. 43. IDEAS…. The new world of Ideas
  44. 44. Taking On the Next 25 YearsBy Creating INNOVATION CO-CRAFTERS Thank You! +91 9902766961