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Biology chapter 1


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Biology chapter 1

  2. 2. At the end of the lesson, student should be able to :  State what the study of biology  Explain the important of Biology  List the different field of study in Biology  List the career related to Biology  state various way of studying Biology  know how scientific investigation has been carried out
  3. 3. Biology…..  What is ‘Biology’ mean???????  From Greek words ~~~ bios - life logos - study Study of living organism Study of biology~ study of living things, the environment and the interaction between living things and the environment
  4. 4. Importance of biology  Enable us to : a) Better understanding how the human body function b) Finding cure for diseases c) Saving endangered sp which are on the edge of extinction d) A better management of problem e) Understand ourselves and surrounding f) Understand the interaction between living things and environment g) Appreciate the diverse variety of living things
  5. 5. KNOWLEDGE OF BIOLOGY Medicine and public health research Agriculture Industry
  6. 6. Field of study in biology Genetic Study of heredity virology Study of viruses entomology Study of insects anatomy Study of org. structure ecology Study of envi. and relationship botany Study of plant zoology Study of animal embryology Study of embryonic dev. taxanomy Study of classificatio n of plant and animal histology Study of tissues bacteriology Study of bacteria biochemistry Study of biochem process in body microbiology Study of microorg. mycology Study of fungi
  7. 7. Career related to biology  Medicine  Biotechnology  Agriculture  industry
  8. 8. Ways of studying biology Science process skill Promote thinking Manipulative skill Psychomotor skill via conduct experiment in scientific investigation Scientific skill
  9. 9. Scientific investigation Identify problem Observed situation Identify variable State problem Forming hypothesis -make general statement about relation between manipulated variable and responding variable Plan the experiment
  10. 10. conduct the experiment Collecting data Analysis and interpreting data Forming conclusion Hypothesis is accepted if result support the hypothesis while rejected if the result do not support the hypothesis Writing a report
  11. 11. Lets do a scientific investigation Situation 1 Situation 2
  12. 12. Exercise your brain!!!!  Find one example of problem and make a step of scientific investigation