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Prop list


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Prop list

  1. 1. Prop- Why It Is Needed: Source? Alarm clock (x3) Used to wake characters up Already own 3, will be used by the real people who own them Phone (x3) Characters use them; mainly for final shot and for adding a sense of normality as we al have phones. Same as above Toothbrush For brushing of teeth shot Same as above Toothpaste As above Same as above Clothing inside wardrobe To once again add that sense of realism instead of it being a bare wardrobe Same as above Ties and clothes General office attire to be worn Same as above Bread To put in the toaster We will purchase a loaf on filming day and use the same bread Toaster (x2) To toast the bread Already owned Grill As above Same as above Bread knife To butter the bread in the shot Same as above Butter To be used as butter Same as bread Apron For character to wear as part of his character make up Already Owned Comb To be used in a shot whilst neatening hair Already Owned Gun To be tucked inside a pocket by one of our characters to set up the action in the movie Already Owned Wallet As above Already Owned.