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<!DOCTYPE>         Version of (X...
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Html cheat-sheet-v1


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Html cheat-sheet-v1

  1. 1. Document Outline Lists Objects <!DOCTYPE> Version of (X)HTML <ol> Ordered list <object> Object <html> HTML document <ul> Unordered list <param /> Parameter <head> Page information <li> List item <body> Page contents <dl> Definition list Empty Elements <dt> Definition term <dd> Term description <area /> <img /> Comments <base /> <input /> <!-- Comment Text --> Forms <br /> <link /> <col /> <meta /> Page Information <form> Form <hr /> <param /> <fieldset> Collection of fields <base /> Base URL <legend> Form legend Core Attributes <meta /> Meta data <label> Input label <title> Title <input /> Form input class style <link /> Relevant resource <select> Drop-down box id title <style> Style resource <optgroup> Group of options Note: Core Attributes may not be used <script> Script resource <option> Drop-down options in base, head, html, meta, param, <textarea> Large text input script, style or title elements. Document Structure <button> Button Language Attributes <h[1-6]> Heading Tables <div> Page section dir lang <span> Inline section <table> Table Note: Language Attributes may not be <p> Paragraph <caption> Caption used in base, br, frame, frameset, hr, <br /> Line break <thead> Table header iframe, param or script elements. <hr /> Horizontal rule <tbody> Table body <tfoot> Table footer Links <colgroup> Column group Keyboard Attributes <col /> Column <a href=""> Page link accesskey tabindex <tr> Table row <a href="mailto:"> Email link <th> Header cell <a name="name"> Anchor <td> Table cell Window Events <a href="#name"> Link to anchor onLoad onUnload Images and Image Maps Text Markup <img /> Image Form Events <strong> Strong emphasis <map> Image Map <em> Emphasis onBlur onReset <area /> Area of Image Map <blockquote> Long quotation onChange onSelect <q> Short quotation onFocus onSubmit Common Character Entities <abbr> Abbreviation <acronym> Acronym " " Quotation mark Keyboard Events <address> Address & & Ampersand <pre> Pre-formatted text < < Less than onKeydown onKeyup <dfn> Definition > > Greater than onKeypress <code> Code @ @ "At" symbol <cite> Citation € € Euro Mouse Events <del> Deleted text • • Small bullet <ins> Inserted text ™ ™ Trademark onClick onMouseout <sub> Subscript £ £ Pound onDblclick onMouseover <sup> Superscript   Non-breaking space onMousedown onMouseup <bdo> Text direction © © Copyright symbol onMousemove Available free from