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Show 2015

  1. 1. The Main 2015 show will be open to years 10-13 and will be …..
  2. 2. LEAD ROLES Sally Bowles
  3. 3. Emcee
  4. 4. Clifford Bradshaw
  5. 5. OTHER MAIN ROLES Fraulein Schneider Herr Schultz Ernst Ludwig Fraulein Kost The ‘Cabaret Girls’ The ‘Cabaret Boys’ Max
  6. 6. CHORUS ROLES Customers Waiters/Waitresses Dancers Military
  7. 7. WHEN WILL IT TAKE PLACE • The last week in the Autumn term (ie the week before Christmas holidays). • We will rehearse the full weekend prior to ‘show week’ but it means you will have Christmas to recover and February half term off (year 11s will be able to revise for your mock exams!)
  8. 8. WHERE WILL IT TAKE PLACE • We hope to hold the performance at the new Beyton campus. • We plan to modify the layout of the main hall to reflect a ‘cabaret’ style eg. some table seating for the audience, the band will be on the stage in a frame and the performance space will be decking below the level of the stage, there will be the opportunity for cast to mix with audience whilst ‘in role’ and drinks and food will be served.
  9. 9. AUDITIONING Stage 1: Come and Learn about the show • Thursday 26th June from 4-6pm in drama area • A workshop session will introduce the story and characters to you. There will be some improvisation/script tasks, you will learn some choreography and we will go over the audition songs briefly. • This will be an informal session and the aim is for people to come along and see if they might like to audition. • We hope to use the blog give you access to helpful audition prep material.
  10. 10. AUDITIONING Stage 2: Come and impress us • Thursday 3rd July from 4-6pm. • Auditions. You will dance some choreography (taught the previous session) and sing your prepared songs. These will be ‘Wilkommen’ for boys and ‘Cabaret’ for girls. • (You will not need to prepare the whole of these songs for the preliminary auditions, just the first sections) • At the end of this session will let you know who we wish to call back.
  11. 11. AUDITIONING Stage 3: Call-backs • Friday 4th July from 4 - 5.30pm • We would like to hear ‘Wilkommen’ for boys but this time with the dialogue. • For girls we would like to hear ‘Maybe this time’. • There may also be some script work and additional songs taught on the day.
  12. 12. CAST ANNOUNCED • We will announce the main cast (and hopefully minor roles) BEFORE THE END OF TERM. • Main cast will have access to scripts over the holidays to learn lines. • We will make use of the blog to post useful links for you all to use.
  13. 13. BAND • Please see Mrs Hollocks if you are interested in finding out more. • We may be able to make practice parts (not final versions) available to you over the holidays to look at. • If your instrument is not involved in this show it is likely that in ‘Honk’ (years 7-9 musical production) or the Shakespeare play (in Spring term) we will be able to use you.