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Shot Composition

Shot Composition

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Shot Composition

  1. 1. How camera is used to communicate representation
  2. 2.  Balance is arrange element so that no one part of work overpower are used to equal the page arranging element of the same element e.g yin yag Different type of balance: shape,size and colour
  3. 3.  Symmetry(balance)  When the shot is equally symmetry or balance on both sides often used to show order, normalness or organisation
  4. 4.  Asymmetry (unbalance )  When the shot is unbalance on both side therefore both side looks different often used to show disorder of objects and/or characters
  5. 5.  Rule of thirds The rule of third is a compostion.that the image should be divided into nine equal parts by two equal spaced horizontal lines this is used to create attention energy interest in the composition
  6. 6.  Depth of field  Depth of is distance of what is in focus. It is the distance between the nearest and farthest object in the scene that appear acceptable sharp in an image this is used to show the different to the audience
  7. 7.  Shallow focus or shallow depth of field is photographic and cinematographic technique incorporating a small depth of field Is used for emphasize one part of the image over another
  8. 8.  Deep focus or deep depth of field is where the entire image is in focus - the foregrounds ,mid- ground and background all in focus this used for to show the main character and the surroundings.
  9. 9.  Foreground, Midground and background.
  10. 10.  Focus pulls  Focus pulls is a creative camera technique in which you change the focus during a shot usually means adjusting focus one subject to another this can be used to to change the focus of an subject or character .

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  • SaloneePatel

    Mar. 21, 2018

Shot Composition


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