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Regional Identity


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Published in: Education
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Regional Identity

  1. 1. Regional Identity What is it? What Regional Identities does England have? How do TV Dramas use Regional Identity
  2. 2. Regional Identity - What is it • The notion that part of a person’s identity is root not only in the country they are from but also in the region that live in • Stereotypical • Can be offensive
  3. 3. Scouser • From Liverpool (and looks scummy) • Strong Liverpool accent - "we do dat doe dont we doe?" • Big football Fans (often violent) • Come with knives, tracksuits or shell suits • High Crime • Lower Class. • Up for a laugh and parties
  4. 4. Cockney • From London – the east of London in particular • Great contrast between Rich and Poor – Cockney is mostly associated with working classes • Associated with guns and stabbings • ‘Top Boys’ who do con jobs • Use of hoddies • Cockney rhyming slang - "telephone" is replaced by "dog" (= 'dog-and-bone'); "wife" by "trouble" (= 'trouble-and-strife'); feet" by "plates" (= 'plates of meat').
  5. 5. Pikeys • Normally referring to Irish people and not a favourable term • Drunkards • Gypsies • A bit stupid (think of jokes) • Associated with thieving and other petty crime (esp fighting) • Lower class • a unintelligible language that "isn't English, it isn't Irish, it's just Pikey" (Snatch)
  6. 6. Brummies • From Birmingham • Not very clever at all!!! • Strange way of speaking • Very common in the way they behave • A bit ‘dodgy’ • The Original Chavs….
  7. 7. The Scots • Tight fisted • Hate the English • All have ginger hair and very pale skin (with freckles) • Very Proud Heritage • Bad Weather • Associated with kilts, bagpipes and Whiskey
  8. 8. The Welsh • Vast Countryside • ‘Sheep shaggers’ • Very strong accent • They all ‘live in the valley’ • Passionate about Rugby • Leeks…… • Great singers • Tight knit community
  9. 9. Others?
  10. 10. Your task • Working in your production groups you need to research a set soap and explore the way they represent Regional Identity. • You must prepare a presentation (keynote/powerpoint) that discusses the Regional Identity of your soap (what are they, how are they shown, what ‘messages are there, does the TVD support/challenge stereotypes) • You need to include at least on youtube clip, images from the TVD and produce a one page summary of you finding for the class.