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Quick guide to question two


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Published in: Education
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Quick guide to question two

  1. 1. Quick Guide to Question Two  Do make sure that you spell terms correctly  Do use the technical terms as much as you can  Do give a detailed example from the extract you have watch  Do make sure that when you say you are talking about camerawork/editing/mise en scene that the technique that you describe is actually a camera/editing/mise en scene technique  Do explain what the effect of the technique is and why it is needed  Do talk a bit about the narrative/character if it helps you explain the effect  Do talk about how the audience is made to feel and why this is important  Do explain how the effect is important to action adventure  Do talk about one technical feature at a time  Do structure your answer by using the Rule of Five  Do explain why techniques are typical of Action Adventure films  Do give two examples of each technical area eg Camerawork – Steadicam and Tracking, Editing – Fast Paced and SFX etc  Do say what the key purpose of an Action Adventure film is  Do try to use specific Action Adventure techniques  Do pick the best techniques to talk about (esp Mise en Scene)  Do get straight to the point – don’t write an introduction or conclusion