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Last minute tips and advice


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Published in: Education
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Last minute tips and advice

  1. 1. Last Minute Tips and Advice For Question One you MUST  Talk about character types (good guys, bad guys protagonists, side kicks) and events (what happens – fights, chases, explosions etc)  Say that it is TYPICAL of Action Adventure films, link to the purpose (excite/entertain/tension)  Link to the audience – what effect does it have on the audience, who do they identify with? For Question Two you MUST  Pick the best examples of camera work, editing, sound, mise en scene  Give two examples for each area and try to look for contrast  Explain the specific effect it has in the extract but don’t give the same reasons over and over again For Question Three you MUST  Talk about STEREOTYPES!! How are men represented, how are women represented, how are different cultures or ages represented, is this typical of does it break the stereotype? Why? For Question Four A you must  Say what time day and channel the programme is on and WHY  Say what the Aims, Mission, Values of the Channel are and HOW the sitcom helps achieve them  Talk about target audience and how time/day/ programme attract that audience  Use technical stuff eg PSB, OFCOM, Watershed etc For Question Four B you MUST  Talk about specific audience pleasures with examples from sitcoms  Say why specific audience pleasure work and why they are important  If asked to talk about two comedies talk about ones that have different target audiences If you need help email me!