Intro to Film Studies at A2


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Outline of the WJEC A2 Film Studies Course asd taught at Thurston Community College

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  • Same unit break down as AS – two units, one internal, one external but weighting is different and exam is longer!!!!!!
  • Last years topics were Representation of British Youth in contemporary cinema, Guillermo del Toro – A Love of Monsters (showing humanity at its worst), The Spanish Civil War through Spanish & Latin American Cinema and Representations of US troops in Iraq war filmsActivity – Using big sheets of paper students can brainstorm possible topics. They must include at least two on every framework above. Keep, photograph and add to blog.
  • Activity – Using handout students can brainstorm possible topics. They must include at least two on every framework above. Keep, photograph and add to blog.
  • Think powerpoint presentation, prezi etc. You must refer to the key items from the catalogue. This has to be explicit. Short credited quotations may be used and these are excluded from the word count.You do not have to give the presentation but as part of your preparation it could be good to do the presenation, record yourself and make sure that everything you want to say is in the script.
  • Film can be any genre.What is a Screenplay? Hand out exampleWhat is an Extended Step Outline – emphasis that it has to be documentry
  • Section A:Two principal films representing life in difficult urban environments, two supplementary filmsMetropolis, AmoresPerros, La Haine City of God, Tsotsi, Once Were Warriors, Kite Runner, Slumdog Millionaire, Mence II SocietySection B: Minimun of two filmsEmotional Response - Eden Lake, Brokeback Mountain, Schindler’s List, Life is Beautiful, A Beautiful Life, Reservoir Dogs, Misery, This is England, Million Dollar Baby, The Departed, Borat, American History X, Jaws, A Clockwork Orange, Freaks, 2012, Avatar, Blade Runner, LA Confidential, Diva, Shawshank Redemption, 3:10 to Yuma, Old Boy, There Will be Blood, The Road Home, Cinema Paradiso, Romper Stomper, The Birth of a Nation, Blue Velvet, United 93, The Last King of Scotland, Psycho, The Exorcist, Blood Diamond, Four Lions, Control, The Killer Inside MeFight Club – there are other options but you would have to convince me!
  • Intro to Film Studies at A2

    1. 1. Introduction to A2 Film Studies What will you be study? How will you be assessed?
    2. 2. Key Information WJEC GCE in Film Studies Two units completed in Year 12 Two units this year FM 3 – Film Research and Creative Projects FM 4 - Varieties of Film Experience - Issues and Debates
    3. 3. Summary of Assessment FM 1 & 2 = 50% of the course. FM 3 – Internal Assessment made up of two parts. Worth 25%, 100 marks in total FM 4 External Assessment made up of three sections (2 ¾ hour exam) Worth 25%, 100 marks in total
    4. 4. FM3:Film Research and Creative Projects Section A: Small Scale Research Project • To develop research skills. • One focus film with two related films • Choose from Star/Performer; Genre; Auteur; Social, political and cultural studies; gender issues; ethnicity; Institution or technology
    5. 5. Possible areas of Study – Brainstorm what research topics you would be interested in doing. • Auteur • Ethnicity • Star • Social and Political Context • Gender • Institutions • Technology • Genre
    6. 6. How it is assessed The research topic is completed in two parts • An annotated catalogue of key items (1000 words) 15 marks. Needs to include 10-15 items (brief annotation) and conclude with a short paragraph which list 3-5 not selected (brief annotation) • A Presentation script (1500 words) 25 marks. This is notes for a presentation. You can include subheading, bullet points, short prose reference to visual material.
    7. 7. FM3:Film Research and Creative Projects Section B: Creative Project • Made up of three parts • Aims and Context • Creative Project • Reflective Analysis • What could the project be? – Film extract or complete short film, A Screenplay or an extended step outline for a documentary (linked to research project).
    8. 8. FM 4: Varieties of Film Experience Three parts • Section A: World Cinema (Urban Stories – Power, Poverty and Conflict) • Section B: Spectatorship Topics (Popular Film and Emotional Response) • Section C: Single Film – Critical Study (Fight Club, 1999 Fincher)
    9. 9. Key films for Year 13 City of God La Haine Tsotsi Once were Warriors Amores Perros Fight Club American History X Marley and Me Wall.E Reservoir Dogs Taxi Driver Seven Pounds The Green Mile Slumdog Millionaire A Clockwork Orange The Notebook Titanic
    10. 10. Lets think and evaluate our Progress and Goals • What do you have to do to improve your performance this year? • What helped you achieve in the last year? • What are you going to avoid? • What grade do you want/think you can get? • How are you going to get it? • What help do you need in order to get that grade?