Global and local audiences


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Global and local audiences

  1. 1. What do film companies have to think about when they are targeting different audiences GLOBAL AND LOCAL AUDIENCES
  2. 2. At the Pre -Production Stage • While the idea is being developed in the pre-production phase the producers will need to think about the potential target audience, how the audience will relate to the idea, how many people would watch the film. • Global Appeal The Hobbit Fifth Estate Shifty Local Appeal
  3. 3. Casting Appeal – Global or Local? Riz Ahmed Shifty Daniel Mays Chris Jason Flemyng Glen Nitin Ganatra Rez Jay Simpson Trevor Dannielle Brent Jasmine Francesca Annis Valerie Kate Groombridge Loretta Jason Maza Malik Peter Capaldi Alan Rushbridger David Thewlis Nick Davier Dan Stevens Ian Katz Daniel Brühl Daniel Berg Benedict Cumberbatch Julian Assange Jamie Blackley Ziggy Ludger Pistor Supervisor Martin Freeman Bilbo Richard Armitage Thorin Ken Stott Balin Graham McTavish Dwalin William Kircher Bifur / Tom Troll James Nesbitt Bofur Stephen Hunter Bombur Aidan Turner Kili Peter Hambleton Gloin / Will iam Troll
  4. 4. Director Appeal – Global or Local? • Peter Jackson Bill Condon Eran Creevy
  5. 5. Idea Appeal – Global or Local?
  6. 6. Summary • Summarise why The Hobbit appealed to a global audience • How did The Fifth Estate try to appeal to both a local and global audience? Why do you think it failed to appeal to the global market • Why would Shifty not appeal to a global audience? How does it appeal to a UK audience?
  7. 7. Distribution -Local VS Global • Who distributed our case study film? • Local Appeal – will often have an understated/small distribution campaign. The budget will be a lot smaller. Independent Distributors tend to be the people that distribute films with local appeal (Warp/ WarpX /Metrodome/ Optimum Releasing) • Global – distribution campaign will be big, backed with a lot of money and will be controlled by the big six -Viacom Time Warner Walt Disney, Fox, Universal/Vivendi, and Sony. They don’t play well with others! • Why did it work for The Hobbit but not The Fifth Estate?
  8. 8. Planning a response in Groups • What are some of the reasons for the popularity of US produced films for UK audiences and can UK films achieve success in the US? • Write the introduction to this question (200 words) • What would be your central argument and what four key points would you make? • Give specific details from the case studies and explain why you would include that information. • What other films could you talk about and what could you say? • What key terminology would you use (explain the terms in your own words) Prepare as a ONE PAGE word document that can be photocopied for the class and hand in via Student Drop