Essay on critical reception


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Essay on critical reception

  1. 1. Unsupervised Lesson 3rd April. Below is a past paper question from Section C: Single Film: Close Critical Study.... "Consider debates that have arisen in the critical reception of your chosen film, either at the time of its initial release or now or both." Clearly to answer a question such as this you need a good understanding of the critical reception the film received, both at the time it was released and subsequently In you booklet there are a range of articles that were written by reviewers at the time the film was released. Please read through them andanswer the questions below each article. Compare these reviews with the more recent ones you looked at with Ms Gillies. Now you need to supplement this with your own research and focus on more current reviews. As you are reading the reviews - TAKE NOTES headed up with the reviewers name and date it was written - then add bullet points on The things they are critical of or positive about. What key debates did the film stir up? Are there common themes/criticisms here? If so what? What is your view on it. Once you have completed this research you are to write a response to this essay question. Remember to use good structure: Introduction Paragraphs covering about 4 key points A conclusion, A central argument/view point that you refer to throughout the essay Specific quotes and supporting information Correct spelling and use of key words You should aim to write between 500 – 800 words DUE IN ON IN ON THE FIRST DAY – as I don’t teach you on that Tuesdayyou will need to either find me or email it!