Channel 4 and the IT crowd


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  • How does C4 make money and IT crowd assist? – advertising and sponsorship, popular programme with a specific hard to target audience makes it popular with advertisors and sitcoms have a good structure of advertising.What do you remember about PSB? Regulators can tell TV companies what they can or cannot do in exchange for giving them the right to transmit ‘free to air’ – OfcomKey rulesQuality programmesProportion of British-made prgrammesReflect the diversity of BritianProportion of programmes must be made outside the M25Must have certain genres eg newsBalanced mix of genres (no stripped schedules)
  • Get the kids to figure out – very similar to My Family but for a niche audience and has won awards
  • Removed the clause about education as this does not fit with The IT Crowd.
  • How IT fit? – appeals to a very different non mass audience (broad range), some cultural diversity within the show, Has won awards – BAFTAs nominated every series, won best new comedy 2006 won best in 2009 plus other awards, niche audience is young adults, available on TV, 4OD now!!!! and 7 day prior to screening , itunes, DVD
  • Channel 4 and the IT crowd

    1. 1. Channel 4 and The IT Crowd How was The IT Crowd scheduled on Channel 4 and how does this comedy show fit with the institutional aims of Channel 4?
    2. 2. About Channel 4  Is publically owned but commercially funded (does not receive money from the public)  How does Channel 4 make money and how does the IT Crowd assist with this?  Is a Public Service Broadcaster (OFCOM Licence)  What do you remember about PSB?
    3. 3. OFCOM Licence  Regulators can tell TV companies what they can or cannot do in exchange for giving them the right to transmit „free to air‟ – Ofcom  Key rules  Quality programmes  Proportion of British-made programmes  Reflect the diversity of Britain  Proportion of programmes must be made outside the M25  Must have certain genres eg news  Balanced mix of genres (no stripped schedules)  How does The IT Crowd fit with this?
    4. 4. Channel 4 – Mission and Purpose  Primary purpose is the fulfilment of its public service remit as defined by the 2003 Communications Act – “the provision of a broad range of high quality and diverse programming which in particular  Demonstrates innovation, experiment and creativity in the form and content of programmes;  Appeals to the tastes and interests of a culturally diverse society ….  Exhibits a distinctive character.”  How does The IT Crowd fit with this?
    5. 5. As a Publisher - Broadcaster  Channel 4 is required to commission UK content from independent producers  They work with around 300 creative companies eg  Hat Trick Productions – Father Ted  Talkback Thames -The IT Crowd, Da Ali G Show, Green Wing  Assembly Film & Television Productions - Black Books  London Weekend TV – Spaced  Bwark Productions – The Inbetweeners (E4)  Objective Productions – The Peep Show
    6. 6. The Digital Economy Act 2010  Added to the public remit  Broad range of media content that would appeal to a culturally diverse society  High Quality  Making relevant media content for older children and young adults  Broadcasting or distribution of media by a wide range of different types of electronic communication networks  British film stuff  How does The IT Crowd fit in with these?
    7. 7. The IT Crowd – Basic Information  Four series, each with six episodes  A fifth series was commissioned for 2011 but never appeared (there was a one off special in 2013 to concluded the series and it was 1 hour long)  First Series premiered on Friday 3rd February 2006 9pm, the second on Friday 24th August 2007 9pm, the third on Friday 21th November 2008 9pm, and the fourth Friday 25th June 2010 9pm.  Currently being screened on E4 – Thursday at 10pm, two epiodes at a time.  What do need to include in your answer?
    8. 8. The IT Crowd and Channel 4 Scheduling.  Friday night is a good night for comedy – wind-down time of the weekend. Sets the audience up for the weekend – key pleasure of helping the audience to unwind from what could have been a difficult week  Screens just after the watershed so can include some swearing and rude subjects which can appeal to the target audience and create audience pleasures  The IT Crowd is a flagship programme that was hugely popular with audience and 9pm is a very competitive audience slot
    9. 9. Practice Question  Discuss in detail how and why one comedy programme was scheduled on one or more channels  Use either My Family or The IT Crowd as your example (give specific details).  You need to give at least four specific points.  One point must cover day/time  At least one point must relate to OFCOM  At least one point must relate to the channel specifically (Mission/ Purpose, Specific target audience).  Any other point (OFCOM, Mission/ Purpose, legislation)