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Naace Conference 2103 - Creating a Learning Palette using Technology - Sir Mark Grundy and Kirsty…


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Sir Mark Grundy - Executive Principal, Shireland Collegiate Academy and Kirsty Tonks - e-Learning Director, Shireland Collegiate Academy

Published in: Education
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Naace Conference 2103 - Creating a Learning Palette using Technology - Sir Mark Grundy and Kirsty…

  1. 1. Creating aLearning Paletteusing Technology Sir Mark Grundy Executive Principal Kirsty Tonks e-Learning Director March 2013
  2. 2. Student’s Progress Student’s Targeted Needs Interventions Curriculum ChangeData Creating a Learning Palette using Technology
  3. 3. Decoding Learning“Digital technologies offer new ways ofpresenting information and ideas in adynamic and interactive way. Howeverlearners may need the support of teachersto interpret those ideas and to convert thatinformation into knowledge.New forms of representation (e.g.augmented objects) offer the potential toenrich the dialogue about informationbetween teachers and learners.”
  4. 4. Decoding Learning“We found many examples of technologybuilding on existing teaching practice,rather than creating new, innovativepractices. It is open to question whethersimply building on traditional approacheswill improve dialogue between learnersand teachers in a way that will ultimatelyimprove learning.” BYOC
  5. 5. Decoding Learning“We need to change the mind-set amongstteachers and learners: from a ‘plug andplay’ approach where digital tools areused, often in isolation, for a singlelearning activity; to one of ‘think and link’where those tools are used in conjunctionwith other resources where appropriate,for a variety of learning activities.”
  6. 6. Decoding Learning“Over recent decades, many effortsto realise the potential of digitaltechnology in education havemade two key errors. Collectively,they have put the technologyabove teaching and excitementabove evidence.. As we continueto develop our understanding oftechnology’s proof, potential andpromise, we have anunprecedented opportunity toimprove learning experiences inthe classroom and beyond.”
  7. 7. Context• A journey to truly “Outstanding”.• Basic skills of the students at one stage came in with a KS3 APS of 20.4, less than a level 3 average. Lowest of any Academy in the country at the time.• We now think we are 43rd from the bottom.• Technology has been a silver bullet in transforming our Academy.
  8. 8. Transformation Using Technology Targeted Intervention Holistic GranularKnowledge Knowledge Radical More than Curriculum Expected Change Progress
  9. 9. The Transformation• 20% Jump in 5A*-CEM 93% 5A*-C No Fixed89% > 96% TermAttendance exclusions this year.
  10. 10. InspiringMore thanExpectedProgress.
  11. 11. Expected Progress• Too many standard predictive tools helped support the assertion that we would never move the Academy forward. FFT, CVA, VA, RAISE predictions were something we were used to beating but their predictions still left us below floor targets.• 4 Levels and 5 Levels has to be the norm for many of our students to gain a C grade at GCSE.• Move away from a predictive targeting process to creating cohorts of students who need 4 and 5 levels of progress and different curriculums and intervention strategies around those students.
  12. 12. Staff CPD and Understanding• Data is only useful if staff can understand it and use it effectively.• CPD is supported by wikis and collated data sites.• Creating bespoke solutions when the MIS is not enough.
  13. 13. Cohort Analysis
  14. 14. Pivot• Used to graphically represent to departments the students they are teaching.• Bridges the gap of understanding to the heads of department and teachers who are managing the interventions.• Accessible, Visual, Holistic
  15. 15. Supporting TargetedInterventions
  16. 16. Traditional Intervention Specific One to oneBetter ethos and Better knowledge of intervention to motivation organisation areas of clear up improvement misconceptions. Better Better Improvement in attendance and relationships learning skills behaviour with staff
  17. 17. Using technology to surface data to support Senior and Middle Leaders • Supporting • Monitoring staff and subject level sharing best delivery of the practice RAP Planning Subject Bank Sites Leadership Pivot Portal • Making data • Maintaining a “tactile” clear sense of direction
  18. 18. Decoding Learning“Technology can enable schools to tapinto the wealth of expertise that existswithin their communities.Technology can link learners with otherlearners, experiences, and settings muchmore easily and, often, cost effectively.”
  19. 19. Our Learning Gateway Student PortalA device without a LearningEnvironment or a context isof limited value! Family PortalSchools need to “manage”the learning throughtechnology, not just let ithappen. Staff Portal
  20. 20. Staff Portal
  21. 21. Mathematics Subject Site
  22. 22. Humanities
  23. 23. Supporting Student’s Progress
  24. 24. Literacy for Life curriculum
  25. 25. Granular Knowledge• 4 years into a 5 year plan where we have moved our students to a competencies based model.• Worked with Richard De Lorenzo, Mick Waters and others to develop 200 competencies across 10 different literacies.• These are tracked and a number of cross year interventions are put in place to ensure all students ‘graduate’ at the end of Year 9.
  26. 26. Detailed Student Knowledge• Students know where they are and where they need to go next.• Staff and students track all competencies.
  27. 27. Reinforced Knowledge• Advanced levels insist on students knowing the information to teach to others.• Invaluable as we move to an environment where knowledge is at the end of a course.
  28. 28. Decoding Learning“Flipped classrooms, or inverted classrooms,use technology to allow learners to viewteacher exposition (Learning from Experts)before the start of a lesson. This allows moretime for other forms of learning to flourishduring lessons, such as Learning throughPractising or Learning with Others.To ‘flip’ their classroom, teachers presentlearning materials online, perhaps createdusing screen–casting technology, whichlearners use to prepare in advance.”
  29. 29. Student Portal
  30. 30. Class Sites; Flipped Learning
  31. 31. Resourcing Flipped Learning
  32. 32. Supporting our HolisticKnowledge of Student’s Needs
  33. 33. More than Grades and Levels• In the same way our data moves to a deeper level with competencies. We also track large amounts of information around students’ welfare, attendance, behaviour and family relationships.• This information is often as crucial as teacher assessments as it goes to the heart of the reason for underperformance.• We track holistic information in Pivot alongside assessments. Then back this up with a full time safeguarding manager, Police Officer, EWO and school nurse.
  34. 34. Attendance Live • Gets key attendance data to all key personnel.• Takes data live from the MIS system and repurposes it.
  35. 35. Family Portal
  36. 36. Governance Portal
  37. 37. RadicalCurriculum Change
  38. 38. Radical Curriculum Change• A 5 year plan where we hope that 70%+ students who have been through our system will gain 5A*-CEM next year.• Students taught integrated curriculum based on competencies for:• 18 hours in Year 7• 13 hours in Year 8• 9 hours in Year 9• Only Arts, PE and Science which need specialist facilities are taught separately.
  39. 39. Achievement Weeks and Focus Days• The Academy collapses the curriculum for all students one day a week and for a week every Half Term.• This is applicable for all students.• For years 7, 8 and 9 these are often drive workshops, mixed year taught to improve students who have fallen behind on self diagnosed competencies.
  40. 40. Class Sites; Flipped Learning
  41. 41. 3 Key examplesKirsty Tonkse-Learning Director
  42. 42. Technology is our way …
  43. 43. Technology is our way in …… support improvement.