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How to write Posts in naRural energy?


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Only two slides recommendations to write post in the Online Community of Rural Farmers and Renewable Energy Professionals. Visit

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How to write Posts in naRural energy?

  1. 1. How to write Posts in naRural energy? 1/2Text structure• Choose an attractive Title with the key idea (65 characters max.).• Start with the Conclusion or some Questions (3 lines max.).• Post as Short as possible (100 to 600 words max.).• Write clear Sentences (20 words max.).• Use Subtitles starting with the two key words.• Ensure short Paragraphs (5 lines max.).
  2. 2. How to write Posts in naRural energy? 2/2Recommendations• Leave Space between paragraphs.• Always add Images or Graphs.• Cite external Sources.• Tag your Post with keywords and categories.• End with a Question. What is your experience writing posts?• Include Links in blue at the bottom.• Read full post: