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The Egypt's Gods and Goddesses


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The Egypt's Gods and Goddesses

  1. 1. The Egypt's Gods and Goddesses <br>by Nadya Dyachenko<br>
  2. 2. The Egyptian mythology is different, because there are practically no humanoid gods. Ancient Egyptians worshiped gods, portraying them as animals or birds - lions, cats, crocodiles or eagles.But,for example,Greeks, treated Egypt with contempt, but egyptians considered themselves as a high-developed country, and the rest nations they considered as barbarians, not able to the proper belief.<br>
  3. 3. From their mythology we can learn that there was a period in Egyptian history, which was called as the Golden Age. It was a time, when the gods ruled the Egyptian state. Then they left the earthly world and moved to live in heaven, leaving their power to pharaohs, who was proclaimed as their descendants, but the gods promised to return...<br>
  4. 4. The greatest divine rulers were Amon Ra and Osiris. Amon Ra was the sun god, he had a wife Mut, the goddess of good and peace, and son Khonsu, the moon god, who could heal diseases and wounds. Later Osiris became ruler.<br>
  5. 5. Osiris was a wise ruler, during his reign there was no war or famine, or pestilence. He had a wife Isis, who discovered to women the secrets of cooking and treatment, son Horus and brother Seth, the god of war. Seth was jealous of Osiris glory, so he killed him and cut his body into 14 pieces, which he scattered around the world.<br>
  6. 6. Isis found all 14 pieces of her husband’s body and made the world's first mummy with the god of the dead – Anubis. Seth wanted to be a governor, but the rightful heir to the throne was the son of Osiris - Gore, who had to fight with his uncle 80 years and eventually won, but he didn’t rule too long, because the gods decided to get away from people, so Horus gave his power to the new rulers – pharaohs.<br>