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Kernel Pop Popcorn (direct & digital media marketing ppt)

Hi People!

This is a term presentation that I made during my course direct & digital marketing. Sharing it as someone might find it useful.


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Kernel Pop Popcorn (direct & digital media marketing ppt)

  1. 1. Presented by: Fatima Sahi - 10413 Naureen Ansari - 8696 Samrah-tul-Mehdi - 9094
  2. 2. RECAP
  4. 4. Launched in 2003 in Pakistan People use it Target market is huge But still the brand is NOT visible
  5. 5. Consumer and Brand Relationship needs to be strengthened….
  6. 6. COMPANY
  7. 7. – Gum Corporation Pakistan established since 1980; have been selling gum base to confectionary companies (B2B). – In 2003 it launched Kernel Pop- the only microwavable popcorn brand manufactured in Asia. – In 2010 entered Middle Eastern market.
  8. 8. – In 2011 entered Far Eastern Market. – Corn is imported from US – Spices and flavours are also imported from US and Europe.
  9. 9. We are very serious about our business and stand by our commitment to provide our consumers the very best in world class, hygienic, ready to cook, wholesome and delicious snacks for consumers of all age groups.
  10. 10. the word kernel refers to the grain of maize, and the name derived from its act of popping when heated; KERNEL POP!
  11. 11. Kernel Sahab telling all to eat Kernel Pop But; Serious and Harsh look of Kernel Sahab!
  12. 12. Fun, Cool, Trendy, Energetic, Modern and Youthful.
  13. 13. POPCORN
  14. 14. Flavours
  15. 15. SKU’s In Stores - 3 in one pack - Single bag pack Cinema’s and stalls - Use KG packs - Selling 100grms
  16. 16. PRESENCE • Cinepex Islamabad • Super Stores • Stall at Port Grand
  17. 17. • • • • • • • Garlic Ginger Salsa Salt & Vinegar Nacho Chicken Spicy Cheese
  18. 18. • Primarily for microwaveable popcorn they are targeting the “Youth” falling in the age bracket of 15-25 years. • SEC A, B+, B • Then they further enlarged their target market to the “young • Then they further enlarged urban professionals” who love watching movies and even their target market to in a cinema. prefer to watch them the “young urban professionals” who love watching movies and even prefer to watch them in a cinema.
  19. 19. Wherever you’re, whatever you’re doing, Kernelpop is a fun filled snack that keeps you company. It not only fulfills the desire to have something light but also uplifts you with its wide choice of tempting flavors.
  21. 21. Users can opt for regular RSS feeds that could link to our blogs. LOCAL STALL POPCORN SELLERS
  22. 22. • Kernel pop not available at all superstores like - Agha’s - CSD- The caring store - Pak Paradise • Kernel pop chrunchy coated ready-toeat popcorn was a market test that failed big time; stock taken back - Poor shelf-life - Low product quality
  23. 23. • • • • • Sells at shopping areas School off times Roaming Low Quality Relatively Cheap cost (But no value for money)
  24. 24. • Kernel Pop is Local • Is cheaper than the imported brands • Top of the Pop (a brand selling at a cheaper price) • Some stores mentioned that Kernel Pop is not particularly demanded
  25. 25. Information search about eating habits, product knowledge and preference. • Questionnaire Survey (Online) - 68 responses
  26. 26. Alone watching movies With Friends With Family
  27. 27. Midnight Munching Tea Time
  28. 28. At work Movie time at cinema or home
  29. 29. - Reach the Target Market at right place and time - Get Kernel Pop top of the consumers mind - Create a high trust between consumers and Kernel Pop
  30. 30. What need’s to be done? -Change Kernel Sahab’s expressions so that a friendly image is portrayed Make the product quality and distribution efficient Make the brand visible (DDM)
  31. 31. SEC A, B+ and B • Online survey allowed the primary target market (15 to 25) to respond! Catch them on digital media!
  32. 32. • It is no doubt youth is a huge market but you cannot ignore the rest of the market, like children, Middle Age munchers. • Make Direct Marketing efforts in order to cash on this market!
  33. 33. • Kernel Pop is a snack that provides you the missing element that cheers up every moment in life. Because…
  34. 34. Grab it IT’S POPPING!!!
  35. 35. DDM STRATEGY
  36. 36. • Bill boards (at positions where cars stay for a long time and traffic flow is slow, during rush hours) eg. Billboard at Avari tower lane,
  37. 37. • Radio Ad, Office drive; morning and evening hours (rush hours). • And at night
  38. 38. • Graffiti on walls at places where people walk and traffic is slow, plus target market views it. • Outside schools/college walls (school offs picture puzzles distribution to kids), walls near Pak towers round about.
  39. 39. • Place vibrating bags at malls and wholesale centers with popping sound… and a banner saying IT’S POPPING!
  40. 40. • Image of Kernel pop Packet inside the elevators of business centers and busy buildings like, Fortune center, PIDC building, Bahria Complex, MCB, HBL towers. • Office timing; busy employees can munch Kernel Pop popcorn!
  41. 41. • Follow us on Facebook, Twitter Youtube and Blogger. (On all Direct Media)
  42. 42. Events following the Promotions Launch kernel pop stalls at Pak towers, Forum, Millenium, Dolmen, malls And wholesale centers
  43. 43. • Game competitions in malls and wholesale centers via registering emails and numbers - Who will be the CAP bearer Blind fold, taste popcorn name the flavor CORRECTLY. Three correct answers you win kernel’s cap! - How much can you munch? Opponents eat popcorn… finish first you win! Free Coupon!
  44. 44. For wholesale centers we have a trolley pack that can be attached to the trolley whenever desired.
  45. 45. A MUST! • Follow up of Direct activities on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blogger
  46. 46. Stay alive and ALERT digitally Brand updates on -Facebook page (Discussions, event photos) -Youtube Channel (Teasers, Ads; event coverage;) -Twitter tweets (mention links; taglines; fun and motivational quotes) -Blog (Event Stories, discussion overviews, Help make brand clearly visible, kernel’s stories helping the youth) -Users can opt for regular RSS feeds that link to the blogs Mention your Social Media presence on your website
  47. 47. TEASER
  48. 48. WEBSITE
  49. 49. • Mention how many cups of which flavor you had and get the equivalent calories calculated. • Mention some snack that you wish to have and know how much Kernel Pop can you have instead (Basis: equal number of calories) Two chocolate chip cookies equal to 6 cups of Popcorn
  50. 50. • When ever you munch Send your POPs to the YOUTH @ 5767 {kpop}, get exciting offers! Standard message charges. • The message goes to a comment box on website too.
  51. 51. -Make account on website and play game -Fans through Social media will also be invited to participate • Kernel in Action! IT’S POPPING! - Evil ingredients shot by kernel, pop into popcorn and reach the base of screen; catch as many within limited time; best scores display !
  52. 52. -Make account on website and play game -Fans through Social media will also be invited to participate • Kernel in Action! IT’S POPPING! - Evil ingredients shot by kernel, pop into popcorn and reach the base of screen; catch as many within limited time; best scores display ! - Picture Puzzles, solve in minimum time - Incentives to top scorers! SEND INCENTIVES! THE FEEDBACK WILL HELP THE BRAND GROW LOYAL CUSTOMERS AND EVEN +ve WORD OF MOUTH (URL of game on FB page- NO CP)
  53. 53. • Provide more services to active user accounts - Invites or discounts for events where Kernel Pop is present - Sponsorship events - Fun events - Events targeting youth; example, YLC Conduct discussions youth development and also about problems faced by youth and their solutions via social media
  54. 54. All brands talk about their popcorn as healthy tasty and quick. Capital spent to introduce new variants and confuse the brand can be used to strengthen the positioning of the brand! Strong competition is round the corner. Kernel pop needs to strive towards bond building with its consumer.
  55. 55. Thank you
  56. 56. • Mr. Amir Shabbir Marketing Executive at Kernel Pop • All the respondents, retailers, popcorn hawkers. • Lastly, Sir and a few friends for constant support.