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Terrorism is activism


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Cynical musing about how the mechanism of both is similar to certain extent

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Terrorism is activism

  1. 1. Terrorism is Activism
  2. 2. Terrorism• Create a terror– Something that cause trouble to other– Threatening their security and convenience
  3. 3. Terrorism• Public respond– They kill peoples– They might kill ME next  emphasis important– MY income! MY investment! MY assets!• But public don’t have power– No gun, no training– Definitely not taking reponsibility if somethingfucked up
  4. 4. Terrorism• Public threaten those who can do something– Politician with political interest and power– The riches with money power and influences
  5. 5. Terrorism• Those with power contemplates– How will this give ME more profits– How will this help secure ME more political power• If the deal is good– Fulfil the terrorists’ demand• Terrorist: mission successful! Purpose isserved! *power rush orgasm*
  6. 6. Activism• Create an action– Strike– Create a headline• Demonstration• Huge social media campaign• Petition– Riot
  7. 7. Activism• Public respond– Mother fucker traffic jam!– Late for work, MY perfect attendance bonus!– Late for work, MY million dollar deal!– The riot could destroy MY home!• Business respond– Production stop, MY cashflow!– Scrutiny coming, MONEY will need to be spent
  8. 8. Activism• Those with power contemplates– This will affect MY popularity in next election– Is the EXPENSE for fulfiling their demand bringmore PROFIT than what might be lost if this goeson ?• If the deal is good– Okay, you win• Activist: mission successful! We show themwho’s in control *power rush orgasm*
  9. 9. Conclusion• The mechanism is not that different• Public think they have power– They don’t– They can only threat those who have power– Empty threat is useless and quickly forgotten