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379o 01.su12

  1. 1. History 379Environmental History Professor Clarke Summer 2012
  2. 2. In the News: Alberta Tar Sands Dr. James Hansen
  3. 3. Alberta TAR Sands
  4. 4. Tar Sands: Reasons for• Friendly oil• Economic benefits • Jobs • Tax Revenue
  5. 5. The Politics of the Tar SandsStephen Harper and Bush Stephen Harper and Obama
  6. 6. Keystone XL Pipeline • Proposed route through the Ogallala Aquifer to Gulf of Mexico • Oil would be refined and sold overseas
  7. 7. In the News: Tar Sands Protest
  8. 8. Environmental Impacts
  9. 9. Environmental Impacts
  10. 10. Environmental Impacts
  11. 11. Environmental Impacts
  12. 12. Environmental Impacts
  13. 13. Costs of Production• Water Use• Fossil Fuels • Continued carbon emissions contributing to global warming• Continued dependence on petrochemicals
  14. 14. Potential Problems?
  15. 15. How is this related to our class• Shows how humans have impacted environmental change• These impacts are political: they are motivated by economic, social, cultural, and psychological factors• Resistance to Change…
  16. 16. Writing Intensive and LASC/DC 10• Dragon Core/LASC 10: Humans and the Environment• Writing Intensive
  17. 17. Lessons • Twenty-one “class sessions” • Lectures • Section One: What is Environmental History? • Section Two: A short history of the Environment • Section Three: Commodities • Section Four: 20th century enviro. problems • Readings • Articles on Moodle • Login through a VPN • Course Packet • Optional: all readings are free online • Discussion on Moodle
  18. 18. Websites
  19. 19. The Paper• Twelve-page paper on environmental history of anything between 1500-2000 • List of possible topics on Moodle• Research based • Intelligent use of the internet• Written in steps (see syllabus for deadlines)• Contact me for individual meetings in the next two weeks.• nwclarke on google talk, skype, facebook, yahoo, msn, twitter, and ichat.• Office hours
  20. 20. Short Papers and Exam• Film Analysis: Who Killed the Electric Car?• Book Analysis: based on your research topic.• Exam: covering the entire semester
  21. 21. Extra Credit• Films, talks, books, or activities.• 300-word essay: one paragraph of what the film or experience was and one paragraph on how it related to the class.
  22. 22. Writing Guidelines• Academic tone, college-level English.• www.zotero.org• Proofread everything!
  23. 23. Submitting Papers• Please submit on Moodle in the appropriate assignment• Submit as a pdf file• Put the class number and MSUM email address in the file name o Example: 379S1.clarke.electriccar.pdf
  24. 24. Activities to be done this week• One-page introduction: what do you hope to learn in this class?• Introductory forum post• Lessons Two to Four• Start thinking of paper topics!