Requirement Specification


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Requirement Specification

  1. 1. Requirement Specification Functional Requirements The Functional requirements are classified according to the users of the site. No Function Description Input Exceptions -------- behavior 1. All Users Access home View information - - - page of the site 2. Guest user - - - a. View site features View information and advantages. of the site. b. Sign up Sign up to create a User details Blank entries, User error message user account (like name, invalid address, informing the same username, numbers etc... number, address etc...) 3. Member user a. Login To validate user Enter username Blank entries, Error message and access account. wrong password/id reporting the same, and password. combination 3 access chances before being locked out b. Add new topic To start a new topic Blank entries Error message in a forum Enter topic title “Please fill in all and message the fields” No Function Description Input Exceptions -------- behavior
  2. 2. c. Add Post To Post a comment Enter name and Blank entries Error message on a particular topic message “Please fill in all the fields” To delete his / her d. Delete Post posts - - - 5.Admininistrator a. Add/Delete topic To start or delete Enter topic Blank entries Error message topic in a forum title, and “Fill all the message blanks” Add/Delete users b. Decisions regarding Sends e-mail Done in wrong Error message the adding, deleting informing the format or in case reporting the same and changes made user of the Non-existing users to an account are same made by the administrator c. Add/Delete/Edit To add, delete, or Add Blank Error message Posts edit a post in a Enter message entries/wrong reporting the same forum Delete format Enter Post ID
  3. 3. d. Maintains Communicates with Answers - - communication the various users queries and with the users. other issues through e-mail or directly in their account e. Add/Modify/ To add, edit or Enter article ID Blank spaces are Error message Delete articles delete an article on and New Topic present reporting the same the site Name (if required) as well as the content. Non-Functional Requirements Updateability: The website is updated under the following occasions. • When new user creates their profiles or old ones update their profiles. • When the administrator deletes, adds or modifies an article. • When the administrator adds or deletes a user. • Whenever a major fashion event is coming up. • When users post at the forum, rate and review services and products. We estimate that user update their profiles will at most be updated within 2 hours and account verification and creation within 24 hours. Response time: Since our site deals with pictures (jpeg, gif) and php scripting we hope to achieve a response time between 15 to 30 seconds per page max. Compatibility of the software: Web browsers such as IE, Mozilla, Opera, Chrome and Netscape. Adobe Player for Flash Files.