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Secure your applications with Azure AD and Key Vault


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Developers like the productivity of the Azure Platform, and now with Azure KeyVault and AAD we can easily secure secrets like DocumentDB, Media Services or Azure Batch keys in Azure KeyVault and apply granular policies to define who can access the secrets.
In this session we will see how to adopt a secure approach to manage application secrets by using Azure KeyVault, Azure Active Directory and Principals based on Certificates.

Published in: Software
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Secure your applications with Azure AD and Key Vault

  1. 1. Disrupt or be disrupted by AI.
  2. 2. Identity as the core of enterprise mobility Azure Active Directory as the control plane Single sign-onSelf-service Simple connection On-premises Other directories Windows Server Active Directory SaaSAzure Public cloud CloudMicrosoft Azure Active Directory Customers Partners
  3. 3. Orchestrate the lifecycle of identities and access with: Apps in Azure Third- party apps & clouds Apps on- premises
  4. 4.  Limitation
  5. 5. directory-developers-guide
  6. 6. An Azure resource provider that lets you SECRETS KEYS CERTIFICATES Backed by Hardware Security Modules Key Vault ≠ customer’s dedicated HSM
  7. 7. Subscription Resource GroupResource GroupResource Group Key VaultVMVMVM Storage accountStorage accountStorage account Key VaultKey Vault... Secret KeySecretSecret KeyKey Key VersionSecret VersionSecret VersionSecret Version Key VersionKey Version
  8. 8.  Authentication is via Azure AD tokens  Authorization is via ACL on key vault
  9. 9.