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Microsoft TechSummit - Deploy your Solution to IaaS and PaaS with VSTS and Azure (DEV311)


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Azure offers exciting possibilities for hosting your application, whether you choose the IaaS or the PaaS offering. Using Visual Studio Team Services, we can deploy to any of them and leverage on their features easily. Let's see how.

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Microsoft TechSummit - Deploy your Solution to IaaS and PaaS with VSTS and Azure (DEV311)

  1. 1. Deploy your Solution to IaaS and PaaS with VSTS and Azure
  2. 2. Azure overview
  3. 3. Cloud service models
  4. 4. Web Apps Mobile Apps API Apps Notification Hubs Hybrid Cloud Backup StorSimple Azure Site Recovery Import/Export SQL Database DocumentDB Redis Cache Azure Search Storage Tables SQL Data Warehouse Azure AD Health Monitoring AD Privileged Identity Management Operational Analytics Cloud Services Batch RemoteApp Service Fabric Visual Studio Application Insights VS Team Services Domain Services HDInsight Machine Learning Stream Analytics Data Factory Event Hubs Data Lake Analytics Service IoT Hub Data Catalog Security & Management Azure Active Directory Multi-Factor Authentication Automation Portal Key Vault Store/ Marketplace VM Image Gallery & VM Depot Azure AD B2C Scheduler Xamarin HockeyApp Power BI Embedded SQL Server Stretch Database Mobile Engagement Functions Cognitive Services Bot Framework Cortana Security Center Container Service VM Scale Sets Data Lake Store BizTalk Services Service Bus Logic Apps API Management Content Delivery Network Media Services Media Analytics
  5. 5. Quickest way to “Lift and Shift” your applications to the cloud Linux or Windows Many prebuilt images, bring your own or build what you need Various CPU, memory, disk sizes Scale Sets (autoscale VMs for high availability) Virtual Machines IaaS
  6. 6. Cloud Services Worker Roles or Web Roles Various sizes Support for java, nodejs, PHP, python, .NET and ruby Autoscale (require pre-provisioning) PaaS / IaaS
  7. 7. App Services Web App Scalable web apps Mobile App A mix of backend services for mobile apps API App Cloud APIs without a web app Logic App Workflow orchestration of APIs and data access Function App Event driven compute-on-demand PaaS
  8. 8. App Services Web App Scalable web apps Autoscale w/same files for all the instances Enterprise grade (ISO, SOC2, PCI compliants) Windows or Linux based Support .NET, Node.js, PHP, Python, and Java Backup & restore + deployment history WebJobs PaaS
  9. 9. Service Fabric Microservices Platform Fast deployment, placement and activation Support stateless or stateful microservices Low-latency performance Health reporting Run in Azure, on-prem, or other clouds Proven platform used by Microsoft services PaaS+
  10. 10. Container Service Create an optimized container hosting solution Scale and orchestrate using DC/OS, Docker Swarm, or Kubernetes Standard API endpoints for orchestration engine Manage container using familiar tools Migrate container workloads to and from Azure IaaS
  11. 11. Visual Studio Team Services
  12. 12. Flexible DevOps tools and a rich partner ecosystem Open and extensible, supports your tools and technologies Rich CI + CD experience for enterprise-scale development
  13. 13. Issues • Delivery delays • Low-quality code • Incomplete solutions • Rework Value • Frequent integration • Higher quality • Repeatability cspkg DEV Continuous Integration (CI)
  14. 14. Continuous Integration (CI) To avoid this…
  15. 15. Issues • Slow delivery cadence • Limited predictability • Complexity when deploying Value • Consistency • Accelerated deployment • Repeatability • Human error reductionDEV cspkg Continuous Deployment (CD)
  16. 16. Continuous Deployment (CD) To avoid this…
  17. 17. Deploy your Infrastructure
  18. 18. Azure Resource Manager Enable IaC management within Azure Resource groups are containers that can contain multiple IaaS + PaaS resources Templatize application deployment and config
  19. 19. ARM Describe WHERE Resource Inventory WHAT Component Relationships HOW Tags + links + groups Control WHO Access control WHAT Changes HOW RBAC Provision WHERE Across Regions WHAT Across Resources HOW In service and in guest
  20. 20. Thanks!
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