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Life of a Remote Developer - Productivity tips (MSBuild 2020)

[These are the slides from my session at Microsoft Build 2020]

Working remotely is not easy, even if you are a developer.
Let’s take a look at some techniques and tools to improve our productivity when working remotely (and that works as well if you’re working in office!)

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Life of a Remote Developer - Productivity tips (MSBuild 2020)

  1. 1. Life of a Remote Developer: Productivity tips Davide Benvegnu DevOps Architect
  2. 2. Challenges Really easy to feel disconnected (Warning: you might become a hermit) Collaboration is harder if you can’t see and talk with someone Working too much / not enough Work prioritization and scheduling “I have an old laptop at home while I have a super-PC at the office” …bad health habits, proximity to the fridge, distractions (who said Neflix?)…
  3. 3. Let’s fix this aka how to be a happy remote developer
  4. 4. Really easy to feel disconnected Tip 1: Keep Communication Going Use chat/video communication tools (Who said Teams? ) Communicate as much as possible Clarify anything that could be a misunderstanding Include social breaks in your schedule Different Time Zone? No problem! (mostly…) Use async communication Teams GitHub Discussions – coming soon Email – but do we really need it?
  5. 5. Collaboration is harder Tip 2: Define (and Follow) Processes
  6. 6. Collaboration is harder Tip 3: Do code reviews A “must have” for PRs Code Reviews help in Getting a higher quality code base, eventually Developer learn the code base Mitigate security risks Better Code Reviews tips Use a shared Checklist Use inline Discussions/Comments for clarifications and change requests Foster a positive code review culture (no blames – yes feedback)
  7. 7. Collaboration is harder Tip 4: Co-coding / Pair-programming Useful for learning, debugging, solve problems… But, remotely? LiveShare Visual Studio VS Code Browser!
  8. 8. Overworking / Underworking Tip 5: Time Management Implement Time Boxing Work 1 hour, then take 5 minutes break Helps keeping focus Check email/chat/notification at interval, not continuously Monitor your time Specific tools
  9. 9. Work prioritization and scheduling Tip 6: Organize Your Work Use tools to organize and prioritize your (and your team) activities Azure Boards GitHub Projects Use them properly Higher priority first (top) Assign owners Update status Categorize work items (tags / labels)
  10. 10. “My home pc is slow” Tip 7: Use Cloud-hosted Dev-environments VMs in Azure Images with Visual Studio, Data Science tools, etc It feels sooo 2000… Codespaces Visual Studio Codespaces ( GitHub Codespaces (coming very soon) Complete development environment in a browser! Accessible from anywhere and any connected device Powerful & Fully customizable Quick look at Visual Studio Codespaces:
  11. 11. Demo Codespaces
  12. 12. THANK YOU Davide Benvegnu DevOps Architect
  13. 13. © Copyright Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.