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Hard and Soft skills: be successful in the IT market


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A talk in Hong Kong CityU Apps Lab about Hard Skills, Soft skills and hot to achieve them.

CityU Apps Lab (CAL) is hosted by the Hong Kong City University

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Hard and Soft skills: be successful in the IT market

  1. 1. Hard and Soft skills: be successful in the IT market Davide Benvegnù @davidebenvegnu
  2. 2. Who am I DAVIDE BENVEGNU’  Managing Director & CTO – DBTek Ltd  Microsoft MVP in Visual Studio ALM  Member of DotNetToscana e GetLatestVersion communities  Next: Founder of DotNetHongKong? Microsoft User Group (MUG)?  Developer, Consultant, Speaker, Trainer…  GitHub (n3wt0n) – NuGet (DBTek) – SlideShare (n3wt0n) @davidebenvegnu – – GetLatestVersion
  3. 3. My story – 12+ years of experience in IT  1° job (not yet graduated): Computer science teacher for a private school  System Administrator in the biggest regional IT company  Analyst & Developer in a small Software House  Head of Development (became shareholder)  Technical Lead  Team Leader in the biggest Italian Service Provider  International Development Manager (3 teams across Europe)  Started my company in Italy –  Started my company in Hong Kong – DBTek Ltd  Director and CTO
  4. 4. Hard vs Soft HARD SKILLS • Teachable abilities, can be learned in school and from books • Easy for an employer or recruiter to recognize • They remain the same, no matter for the situation and environment SOFT SKILLS • Subjective skills • Interpersonal skills • They change and depend on the situation and environment • You can read about them, but the only school is the life
  5. 5. Hard vs Soft: examples HARD SKILLS • Proficiency in a foreign language • Computer programming • Typing speed • Electronic devices building SOFT SKILLS • Teamwork • Communication • Time Management • Public Speaking
  6. 6. Hard skills: what to achieve TECHNICAL SKILLS  Quantity vs Quality  Broad adoption vs Market niche  Market requests  HK market: full stack developer  EU market: FE or BE developer
  7. 7. Hard skills: what to achieve OTHER SKILLS  Foreign languages  English at least  The more, the best
  8. 8. Soft skills: what to achieve  Teamwork  Good Teamwork skills lead you to be a good Team Leader  Good communication  Public speaking helps  Open-mindedness  Humbleness  I’m the best developer in the world, no one can do what I do   Perseverance
  9. 9. Other  Be active in communities, user groups and meetups  Share your knowledge  Learn from others’ know how  Meet people from different places, with different stories and different background  Be always proactive, don’t be passive
  10. 10. Q & A Ask and I will answer… …maybe
  11. 11. THANK YOU Hard and Soft skills: be successful in the IT market Davide Benvegnù @davidebenvegnu