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Debugging and Interacting with Production Applications - MS Online Tech Forum

Now that the applications are in the Cloud, developers must find ways to debug and interact with the production applications with minimal impact and maximal efficiency.

Azure comes with a full set of tools and utilities that can be used to manage and monitor your applications.

In this session, see how streaming logs work to monitor the production application in real time. We also show how Snapshot Debugging can be used to live debug applications.

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Debugging and Interacting with Production Applications - MS Online Tech Forum

  1. 1. Davide Benvegnu Debugging and Interacting with Production Applications Microsoft Online Tech Forum
  2. 2. Davide Benvegnu DevOps Architect Azure DevOps Customer Advisory Team • Microsoft Certified Professional • Microsoft Certified Azure Solution Architect Expert • Microsoft MVP in VSALM - 3 years • Microsoft Event Speaker – Gold (2018 and 2019) • MMA fighter
  3. 3. Why is working with production apps difficult? Frustrations with getting exceptions / logs / data Issues caused by config, data, and scale Acquiring and configuring the tools
  4. 4. Agenda A single solution with Azure Monitor See inside your production apps with Application Insights Query logs and traces with Log Analytics Debug apps in production with Snapshot Debugging
  5. 5. Azure Monitor
  6. 6. Azure Monitor Advanced diagnostics and analytics powered by machine learning capabilities Data Driven Insights Rich ecosystem of popular DevOps, issue management, SIEM, and ITSM tools Workflow Integrations A common platform for all metrics, logs and other monitoring telemetry Unified Monitoring Metrics Log Common Store Full observability for your infrastructure, app and network
  7. 7. Signals and Sources in Azure Azure Subscriptions Security Center Resource Manager Service Health Azure Resources Network Security Groups Virtual Machines Storage Accounts Guest OS (‘user space’) Linux syslog Windows Perf Counters Application User telemetry Application logs Azure Tenants Azure Active Directory Sources
  8. 8. Unified Monitoring Metrics Logs Application Container VM Monitoring Solutions Insights Dashboards Views Power BI Workbooks Visualize Metrics Explorer Log Analytics Analyze Alerts Autoscale Respond Event Hubs Ingest & Export APIs Logic Apps Integrate Azure Monitor Custom Sources Application Operating System Azure Resources Azure Subscription Azure Tenant
  9. 9. Wiring It All Up Metrics Logs Azure Monitor Custom Sources Application Operating System Azure Resources Azure Subscription Azure Tenant Logs & Metrics emitted by Azure Diag. Extensions + Agents Windows + Linux Support Workload Agnostic Application Insights SDK Driven Multi-Language Support For everything else
  10. 10. Demo Azure Monitor in Existing Resources
  11. 11. Application Insights
  12. 12. Azure Application Insights Visibility – Get the big picture Insights – Find & fix problems Optimization – Build, measure, learn
  13. 13. Application Insights Overview Telemetry is collected at each tier: mobile applications, server applications and browser Telemetry arrives in the Application Insights service in the cloud where it is processed & stored Get a 360° view of the application including availability, performance and usage patterns
  14. 14. Intelligent Application Performance Monitoring (APM)
  15. 15. Instant Analytics
  16. 16. App Map to pinpoint Problems
  17. 17. Correlated tracing across servers
  18. 18. Demo Application Insights
  19. 19. Log Analytics
  20. 20. Run analytics queries for investigations, statistics, and root cause + trend analysis Log Analytics advanced query experience now in Azure Portal Utilize ML algorithms for clustering and anomaly detection RBAC per type Azure Monitor Logs
  21. 21. Using Analytics to Dig Deeper
  22. 22. Demo Log Analytics
  23. 23. Snapshot Debugging
  24. 24. Introducing Snapshot Debugging
  25. 25. Introducing Snapshot Debugging
  26. 26. Introducing Snapshot Debugging
  27. 27. Debugging Locally
  28. 28. Debugging in Azure?
  29. 29. Snapshot Debugging
  30. 30. Demo Snapshot Debugging
  31. 31. In review… Azure Monitor: the solutions for apps in production Application Insights: see “inside” your production apps Log Analytics : powerful log query engine Snapshot Debugging: debug apps in production
  32. 32. © Copyright Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Thank you