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My Career Power Point
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Career planning powerpoint

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Career planning powerpoint

  1. 1. Nicole Fandozzi
  2. 2. In 10 Years• Employed• Own House• Still Dancing• Went to college
  3. 3. I prefer-Hands on Activities -Using computers Some jobs for me: Dancer Athlete
  4. 4. Relationships is my highest work value. I care about the way people treat me and what they think of me.Independence is my second work value. I like to be able to make my own decisions and have an opportunity to do things on my own.
  5. 5. I enjoy dancing and teaching youngerkids. I have a lot of patients, energy, andenthusiasm. My favorite subject is mathbecause I am very good at following aprocedure. I like to be constantly doingsomething and being up and around.
  6. 6. • Arithmetic/Math- I love doing math and when I need to solve something I use what I learn in school to help me.• Responsibility-I never lose things and I am good at making sure people are doing the right thing when I’m in charge• Problem solving- I am good at resolving problems and making it work for everyone.
  7. 7. • Self-esteem- I don’t always believe in my self.• Self- management- I often do things that are not as important first and then I have to fit in the important things that need to be done.• Communication- I get very nervous when I have to speak in front of the class.
  8. 8. Social- I enjoy working with other people.Enterprising- I like to see people improve and learn new things.Conventional- I like working with information and numbers. I am very good at following instructions.
  9. 9. Social• Education Administrators, Preschool and Child care center/ program. – You have to work with young children and have a plan ready for the day. – You need to be prepared and organized. You need to keep track of attendance and keep records of the kids.
  10. 10. • Judges. Magistrate judges and magistrates. – This career involves knowing the law. YouEnterprising need to sentence the defendant and sometimes you can perform wedding ceremonies. – You need to know the laws, be a good debater, and a good listener.
  11. 11. • Reservation and Transportation Ticket Agents and Travel Clerks – This job consists of making and confirming reservations. They also sell tickets and may Conventional help people find where they’re going. – They also provide tourist with travel information.
  12. 12. My interest color was blueand my usual style color was blue.The jobs I chose were:• Teacher• Actor/actress• Child care worker
  13. 13. I learned that teaching originally began in a one room school.Now there are teachers for all different subjects such as math, English, science, and language teachers.This job fits me because I love kids and helping people learn.
  14. 14. Child care workers Some child careuse to only be with workers are in placeswealthy families where children canbut now they go to go and others go toall different kinds the families house.of homes.They take care of the children while their parents are at work or not home.
  15. 15. Many people go to auditions everyday and hope for a callback. Once they have been in this career field for about two years they usually get an agent that sends them to specific auditions. This job would be good for me because I love being on stage.
  16. 16. • I love seeing people improve and learn new things.• I always played school with my friends when I was younger.• I found being a teacher the most interesting.• I love working with kids.


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