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WatchPug sneak preview


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WatchPug is a Firefox extension checking your website documents for HTML Validator or Firebug errors.

Published in: Technology
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WatchPug sneak preview

  1. 1. WatchPug<br />Firefox Extension Sneak Preview<br />
  2. 2. What is WatchPug?<br /><ul><li>Analyzes all pages located in sitemap.xml
  3. 3. Collects results from different Firefox extensions for these pages
  4. 4. Validates pages with HTML validator
  5. 5. Checks JavaScript with firebug
  6. 6. Will be extended by other useful extension results</li></li></ul><li>Read sitemap.xml<br />Extract list of locations<br />Collect HTML Validator and Firebug results for page A<br />Collect HTML Validator and Firebug results for page B<br />Collect HTML Validator and Firebug results for page C<br />Create list of pages and results<br />Summary<br />
  7. 7. Comming soon!<br /><ul><li>First launch is planned within the next weeks (after CeBIT, where I'm going to)
  8. 8. Find me at ...
  9. 9. Twitter: @sensationalseo
  10. 10. Web:
  11. 11. AMO:</li>