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  1. 1. GeotagDamage@home
  2. 2. Libya: the war is over, but thereconstruction is just starting
  3. 3. The mission of UNOSATis to assess the damage Lars BROMLEYin Libya Senior analyst at UNOSAT
  4. 4. The main method is remote assessment via satellite imagery (e.g. comparing before /after)Tripoli Street - Misrata - before Tripoli Street- Misrata – after
  5. 5. BUT assessing damage only via satellite imagery isdifficult and risky without any photo from the field Tripoli Street- Misrata – from the ground Tripoli Street- Misrata –from the ground
  6. 6. New kind of contribution for humanitarian missions: Your brain Are you interested in giving few minutes remotely from your home and support a UN agency to assess the damage in Libya? They don’t need any money , just few minutes of your brain /knowledge. It’s the collection of these individual minutes that will make the difference.*Image via Bing > OK, so how can I contribute?
  7. 7. Diversity of tasks
  8. 8. Gathering Relevant photos from the web
  9. 9. Review the submitted photos
  10. 10. Cluster and remove duplicated images
  11. 11. Link photos shared similar landmarks
  12. 12. Find the location of photos Dp you know where this photo was taken?