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Kisumu Kenya November 2010


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Marilyn Farber and Mark Zober visit Kissumu Kenya on behalf of Rotary International

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Kisumu Kenya November 2010

  1. 1. Interim Site Visit to Kisumu, Kenya Rotary Club of Kisumu (D-9200) November 13-17, 2010 MG 50778 Project Approved: 5 May 2004 Projected Ended: August, 2010 Total Budget: $205,450 International Partner: Rotary Club of Modesto Sunrise (D-5220, USA) Cadre Site Visitor: P/P Marilyn D. Farber, Jerusalem, Israel D-2490
  2. 2. TEMAK (Teenage Mothers and Girls Association of Kenya) TEMAK campus in Kisumu
  3. 3. TEMAK (Teenage Mothers and Girls Association of Kenya) Directors P/P Joab Othacher and R/ Sec Philamena Othacher Rotary purchased sewing machines for the TEMAK School of Tailoring and Dressmaking
  4. 4. TEMAK Teenage mothers and their children Showing off graduation hats sewn by their mothers Baby sleeps while mother studies
  5. 5. TEMAK School Children
  6. 6. TEMAK Medical clinic: Rotary purchased vitamins and AIDS medication Arts and Crafts – made by teen mothers
  7. 7. TEMAK Rotary bought the hairdressing equipment Computers purchased by Rotary
  8. 8. TEMAK sells its arts and crafts in shopping mall in Kisumu. Sales support salaries for the organization, and the teen mothers learn a marketable skill
  9. 9. Agape Street Children’s Center Manager of Agape Lebaus Onyango (and Kisumu RC Treasurer), Co-Director Esther Gibbs, a teacher, and Director Blake Gibbs
  10. 10. Agape Children’s Ministry Rotary paid for the fence surrounding the Agape compound Rotary sign is in front of Agape
  11. 11. Agape Street Children and Classroom Building Director Blake Gibbs and Agape kids
  12. 12. Agape Street Children’s Center Purchases by Rotary Children desks, school uniforms Note Rotary sign on teacher’s desk On the left are tables in the dining room. On the right are the pots and kitchen items.
  13. 13. Agape Street Children’s Center Purchases by Rotary Clinic building. The freezer was purchased by Rotary for the medical clinic
  14. 14. Agape Street Children’s Center Purchases by Rotary Nissan Pickup Truck Cement Mixer
  15. 15. Agape Street Children’s Center Office Purchases by Rotary Refrigerator, Computers, Desks, Cabinets
  16. 16. Agape P/P Mark Zober meets with Agape graduates who are employed by Agape; they want to establish a Rotaract Club This will be the new soccer field (Rotary has purchased soccer balls)
  17. 17. Agape Street Children’s Drop-in Center