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About VJ Presentation @ Yuris Night


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Short presentation from my iPad about VJing for the LoveTech "booth" at Yuri's Night @ the Nasa Ames research cetner.

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About VJ Presentation @ Yuris Night

  2. 2. WHAT IS VJ'ING? CONTROLLING VISUALS With a soundtrack
  3. 3. VIDEO CLIPS Make Buy Steal
  4. 4. ANIMATION Flash files Control variables
  5. 5. GENERATIVE ELEMENTS Visuals generated from code and data
  6. 6. VISUAL FX Apply effects to clips, layers, and entire compositions FX are like realtime photoshop filters or audio plugins
  7. 7. LAYERING Clips are played on layers and combined in realtime You can even move them around in 3D space!
  8. 8. VJ SOFTWARE Ware all your money is $pent!
  9. 9. Resolume DJ STYLE Arkaos Modul8 Focused on playing and manipulating existing clips
  10. 10. MODULAR VDMX Isodora Blend of existing clips and generative FX. Lots of tinker ability.
  11. 11. Max/Msp+Jitter GENERATIVE Quartz Composer Processing Generating visuals from code, data and FX
  12. 12. HARDWARE Toys!!!
  13. 13. MIXERS Costs ~$400 - $2000
  14. 14. CONTROLLERS Translator Software MIDI USB VJ Software OSC Midi keyboards/ controllers Computer Keyboards/Mice iPhone / iPad Lemur
  15. 15. CONTENT Where does I get it?
  16. 16. MAKE IT These are free!!! Video/Visual FX Animation software Generative content software like like Flash, Toon tools that can save Premiere, Final Cut, Boom, and 3D code/patches like Vegas, After Effects, animation apps Quartz Composer, and Motion Processing and PureDat-
  17. 17. BUY IT Buy looped clips individually or in packs online* * if you wanna play the same crap as everyone else...
  18. 18. STEAL IT Beware the copyright police!!!
  19. 19. HOW TO GET STARTED • Download demos of the software • Play around till you decide what you like • Hack anything you can into a controller! • Be awesome.