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M. Motley visual resume


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Published in: Spiritual
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M. Motley visual resume

  1. 1. Michelle Motleys Visual Resume
  2. 2. Who I am........What Ive Done... ANDWhat Im Good at.....
  3. 3. I was born and raised in Long Beach, CAI
  4. 4. Supporting men, women andchildren for the following missions:
  5. 5. “Meeting human needswithout discrimination” "Changing the world, one child at time"
  6. 6. Coordination Strategic Planning Communications
  7. 7. Coordinating EVENTS.....
  8. 8. Coordinating PEOPLE.......
  9. 9. Coordinating PROJECTS..........
  10. 10. • Defining• Planning• Creating• Managing• Deciding• Allocating• Marketing• Involving• Communicating
  11. 11. Coordinating COMMUNICATIONS.......
  12. 12. BA degree in Communications with extensive background creating, developing and managing professionalcommunications designed to inform, generate interest and increase awareness through the delivery of high-quality web and print-based messaging. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  13. 13. Communications Samples
  14. 14. Changing the world, One Child at a time.YesWeServe, Inc. seeks to impact and enrich the lives of children and others through teaching, compassionate care and sustainable development.
  15. 15. What are we aiming for?• To help children succeed today for tomorrow• Establishing new partnerships geared towardscreating relationships and supporting fellowship• Children’s Choir• Develop relationships with parents and meetparental needs through future programming• Quarterly student entertainment performances• Academically successful and happy children• Community Engagement
  16. 16. About UsGeir Engøy - President/Board ChairmanGeir has worked in cross-cultural and Christian missions most of his adult life,including five years in Spain as well as ministry outreach efforts in Haiti, Ethiopia,Ghana and Estonia. He has an M.A. from Fuller Theological Seminary in Cross-Cultural Studies. Geir combines his education and experience with his passion forchanging the world, one child at a time, by helping build holistic, sustainablecommunity developments and growing YesWeServe.Cindy Engøy - Co-Director/Child DevelopmentCindy is a published author and brings to YesWeServe her creative experience inboth the urban and private school setting. She has a Masters degree in CrossCultural Education and has acquired international experience by performing,living and traveling aboard.Michelle Motley - Strategic PlannerMichelle brings over 10 years of corporate and nonprofit development experienceto YesWeServe. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from CSUDHand has applied her Marketing Communications, Fundraising and StrategicPlanning skills while employed with the L.A. Salvation Army Headquarters for 5years and is now supporting the YesWeServe mission by helping to enhance andbuild upon their current goals and objectives.
  17. 17. Just A Few More.........
  18. 18. Strategy SummaryToday, when multiple organizations are chasing the same dollars, citizen advocates, business sponsors andvolunteers, standing out from the crowd is critical to success. Standing out enables your organization toconnect—with a prospective donor or program participant, or a corporation interested in starting a causechapter at their organization. And you have to connect to convince.There is a real need to begin with connections and this is where volunteer program relationships cansignificantly augment an organization. For it is through connections that awareness starts, interaction iscultivated, impressions established and hopefully retention, engagement and loyalty ultimately secured.These are all positive outcomes of a beneficial volunteer experience and are actually where the inroadsfor future opportunities for engagement, partnerships, networking, funding and community relationsdreams are laid.Providing a strategic plan to secure 450 corporate for the current volunteer database will involveevaluation consisting of research and analysis of current programming. Once that has taken place, thegoal is not just too secure corporate volunteers, but more specifically to maximize the volunteerexperience, increase volunteer engagement, decrease attrition and allow for volunteer cultivation whilesupplementing capacity building within the organization.My experience and understanding of corporate volunteerism is that it entails a fairly straight cultivationpath of connection, convincing, caring and commendation. To which degree each component isapplicable depends upon the values and culture of the corporation while taking into account thegoals/mission of the corporate partners as well.
  19. 19. YWS and CFYMaking a Difference in Your Community
  20. 20. This past Friday, Josniel Martinez, a 7th gradestudent from East Harlem, was invited to the WhiteHouse as the lone student-representative to tell hisstory about how digital learning changed his life.Josniel and his school participated in the NYCConnected Learning Program in which CFY is thelead partner. In his speech, Josniel attributed hisacademic success to CFY and digital learning,which made for a compelling opening to the launchof the federal Digital Promise center.
  21. 21. Contact: Executive Director: Geir EngoyTel: (562) 704-8792Email: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASERhythms for Hope Benefit ConcertLong Beach, CA May 4, 2011YesWeServe, a Long Beach non-profit organization dedicated to serving children in Mexico and Africa is sponsoring an upcomingbenefit concert on Friday, May27th, 2011 7-9pm featuring a variety of delightful acts that will entertain the whole family.The YesWeServe band serves up fiery sounds showcasing virtuosic instrumentals tempered with jazz, smooth soul, rock & roll andblues tunes and vocals. Also featured in the show is Lakin Saucedo, a gifted up-and-coming vocalist with a four octave range , whowill bring a unique flavor to the concert along with premiering her latest video. The closing act will world music performer andcomposer George Makinto (referred to as "Makinto"). As a singer and flutist, he also plays piano, and has traveled through over 50countries making music and integrating the individual styles from different cultures. He has collaborated with many different jazz,gospel, and African musicians. The Entheos Dancers will perform vibrant dances to Mexican and African rhythms, an engaging delightfor all.The concert will be held on Friday, May 27, 20ll, 7-9pm at Parkcrest located at 668 Obispo Avenue in Long Beach. The cost is $5.00and can be paid upon entry.YesWeServe serves children in three Mexicali, Mexico orphanages, and the Beacon International School in Ghana, Africa, providingfood, friendship, onsite support, and assistance for children in need. YesWeServe sponsors a monthly trip to Mexicali, Mexico and asummer missionary trip to Ghana, West Africa every year. All proceeds from the concert go toward programming and meeting theneeds of the children.YesWeServe is dedicated to changing the world, one child at a time. ### If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Geir Engoy please call (562) 704-8792 or e-mail
  22. 22. During my initial employment with the company,she voluntarily worked overtime and gave up herweekends to see that I was better able to meet keydeadlines and goals during an incredibly highlearning curve. She often was the singular key toensuring my executive and vendor teams remainedcohesive, collaborative and fully prepared tosupport our myriad projects and objectives amidstnumerous change management strategies. Ms.Motley is a resourceful, self-directed, and solution-oriented person who was frequently able to comeup with new and innovative approaches to herassigned projects. She functioned well as a teamleader when required, and she also workedeffectively as a team member under the direction ofmembers of my senior management team.Stefan WiesnerCEO at Kanndas SolarFormer CITO of Farmers/Zurich North America
  23. 23. To Make A Difference and Reach Objectives Together