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Analytics Drivers Ed

  1. 1. Analytics Driver’s Ed August 20, 2010
  2. 2. Part I • Why collect website data? • Why choose Google Analytics? • What do I do with all this data? • What are the limitations of Google Analytics?
  3. 3. Analytics programs collect data and make it pretty
  4. 4. Google Analytics Advantages: Free Flexible Hosted Standard Reliable Comprehensive
  5. 5. Successful Analytics Step 1: Onsite Coding Step 2: Settings & Report Configuration Step 3: Reporting Process Creation & Commitment
  6. 6. Successful Analytics Step 1: Onsite Coding Step 2: Settings & Report Configuration Step 3: Reporting Process Creation & Commitment
  7. 7. What Data Is Useful? E-Commerce: Sales Lead-Gen: Leads Publisher: Ads
  8. 8. Now what? Explore Answer Questions Test
  9. 9. Who is your audience? Explore: Aimless but -Location and Language -New or Returning Visitors Enlightening -Visitor Loyalty and Trending How do they find you? -Direct Traffic -Paid and Organic Search -Referral Sites How do they use your site? -Highly viewed pages -Landing & exit pages -Navigation patterns Are they doing what you want? -Goal tracking
  10. 10. Answer Questions: Internal Investments: -How effective is that new white-paper Targeted but Reactive at driving leads? -Are people watching our new video? External Investments: -What is the ROI on our spring display campaign? -How is our Yahoo campaign performing compared to Google? Opportunities: -Are people searching for products we don’t sell but should? -Do we have enough European traffic to justify a local sales team?
  11. 11. On-Site: Test: Defined & Proactive -Layout -Images & Multimedia -Page copy -Forms Off-Site: -Display Creatives -Email Newsletters -Special Offers Company-Wide: -Color scheme -Company voice (active v. passive, “I” v. “We”)
  12. 12. “Analyzing data in aggregate is a crime against humanity.” -Avinash Kaushik
  13. 13. Analytics Limitations Imperfect Data: -1-pageview visits Demographic Data: -Cleared cookies -Gender -No data reprocessing -Household Income -Age -Company (usually) Page-level analytics: -Click patterns -Mouse-over heat maps Personally-Identifiable Information: -Form drop-outs -IP address -Google account information
  14. 14. On-Page Analytics
  15. 15. On-Page Analytics ClickTale: Attention Wizard: -Click tracking Crazy Egg: -Computer generated -Mouseover Map -Click tracking attention heat maps -Form funnels -Mouseover Map -Works on mock-ups -Session recording -Starting at -Free & Pro Models -Starting at $9/month (up to $40/map) $99/month
  16. 16. Questions?
  17. 17. Part II • How does Google Analytics collect data and why does it matter? • How do I navigate through the reports?
  18. 18. Analytics Sets Cookies
  19. 19. Real Cookies
  20. 20. Analytics Reads URL Parameters http:// analytics . google . com / support ? utm_medium=cpc subdomain domain extension / top level domain directory parameter
  21. 21. Traffic Source Parameters Query Parameter: q=buy+flowers
  22. 22. Landing Page Tracking Parameters Tracking Parameter: utm_medium=CPC ut_campaign=Flower-General
  23. 23. Live Walk-Through Megan Zlatos Pure Visibility @MeganZlatos
  24. 24. Questions? Megan Zlatos Pure Visibility @MeganZlatos