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This is the presentation for the speech given in World Broadband Forum 2011. La Defense - Paris. Any comment or different opinions are welcome.

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  • I would like to correct two figures:
    ADSL subscribers : 120K
    GSM subscribers : 4.4M
    (These are official figures announced by Telecom Authority whereas the original ones were estimated ones)
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Cloud presentation printable

  1. 1. A NEW ERA IN ALBANIA EPOKE E RE NE SHQIPERI Mehmet Zirek Program Manager Strategy Group, Albtelecom & Eagle Mobile“Cloud” in Albanian Language is the same word as “New”Therefore the titles “A New Era in Albania” and “Era of Cloud in Albania” translate into the same sentence
  2. 2. ERA OF CLOUD IN ALBANIA EPOKE E REsë NE SHQIPERI Mehmet Zirek Program Manager Strategy Group, Albtelecom & Eagle MobileWell almost the same...
  3. 3. KOSOVOAlbanian Telecom MarketTelecom Players Fixed Operator # 1 Alternative Operators # 68 ISP # 26 GSM Operators # 4 ALBANIASubscriber (SHQIPERI) PSTN Subscribers # 366.000 ADSL Subscribers # 63.000 GSM Subscribers # 3.900.000 3G implementation – second license given Number Portability launched in May-2011 GREECE
  4. 4. ALBtelecom & Eagle Mobile Profile Albtelecom & EagleMobile in process of forming the first Converged Telecom Operator and Service Provider in the country Fixed Network Contains Infrastructure and Services in all big cities and towns of Albania Mobile Coverage is 98.6% of population with 92% of territory Albtelecom is the main Fixed Service Operator with significant market power Market leader in Fixed and Mobile telecom services in terms of  Service variety  Service Quality  Infrastructure penetration  Number of fixed subscribers  Fastest growth in mobile 4
  5. 5. Mobile Network Coverage End of 2010, the company attained coverage by 98.6 % of the population of the country and 92 % of the territory of the country by providing services in the whole Albania. Eagle Mobile is the first telecom operator (including fixed or mobile) in the country that has covered Tropoja/Valbona area, a mountainous site which is attracting touristic interest in North Albania. 5
  6. 6. WORD - CLOUD cloud computing isn’t one thing Software Reusability Rapid elasticityBroadband network access. Factory IT Multitenancy
  7. 7. CLOUD ANALOGIES Point of Old NewDimension View Economy Economy Sales Provider Hunting Farming Owner of ConsumerIT Service Customer the Cow of Milk One man show in a Collaboration Service IT Staff for support small of many company High Non StandardCost and Customer standard with Quality expensive Economy of scale
  8. 8. MORE THAN HYPEGartner Hype Cycle.svg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ; Permission : CC-BY-SA-3.0,2.5,2.0,1.0details for reusing: In the last decade “Gartner’s Hype”s about emerging technologies contain more and more items related to “The Cloud” Each time when it’s thought that enlightenment started, new concerns and risks appeared, but then scalability, flexibility, and many advantages of this new “Big Thing” caused new series of increasing expectations. This implies this is something bigger and more complex: It’s an ERA
  9. 9. HISTORICAL CONNECTION What happened 160 Years ago?  French Industrial Exposition – 1844 Paris Champs Élysées Consumer products for the masses  Followed by Great Exhibition – 1851 London Crystal Palace Inter-changeable parts (exactly 160 years ago Sep.27)Hand made  Mass production 160 Years Later Mass ServicingWorkshops  Factories Factory ITLocation Independent Production Web Services ECONOMY OF SCALE•World’s Fairs originated in the French tradition of national exhibitions, a tradition that culminated with the 1844 FrenchIndustrial Exposition held in Paris Champs Élysées•The first Paris exposition immediately spawned imitators, including the Great Exhibition in London, 1851 which was open tointernational exhibitors from the entire world and outshone the highly successful French exhibition•Mass Servicing is the Mass Production of CLOUD REVOLUTION and Factory IT is counterpart of Factories of IINDUSTRIALREVOLUTION; Too many similarities imply a common underlying cause: It’s ECONOMY OF SCALE
  10. 10. CLOUD = GREEN 14 12 10 8 6 Cooling energy(w)/CPU Direct energy(w)/CPU 4 Space m3/CPU 2 0 Small LAN Medium Telco Cloud Network Network Data Center•But of course there are differences; since Industry required raw materials; greater energy for prodcution it had a massiveenvironmental impact where as Cloud is promising less Carbon footprint then traditional IT.
  11. 11. CLOUD SECURITY t-5 t-4 t-3 t-2 t-1 t0 t1 t2 t3 t4 t5 PAST DATA: CURRENT DATA: FUTURE DATA: Uncertainity: Low Uncertainity: Uncertainity: High Portability: High Moderate Portability: Low Portability: Low User can and store CSP provides data image with own CSP provides security functionality encryption for privacy and functionality and securityThe level of security and privacy of the data changes sides from Cloud side to the user side as a function of time &uncertainity.
  12. 12. WHY CLOUD IN ALBANIAAlthough emerging fast, the country needs “Capital” to invest in IT resources and software needed for the vital sectors:  Tourism  Hotels  Agencies, etc.  Foreign Trade  Logistics  Food and Retail  Construction and other projects  Renewable energy  EducationThe most efficient way of boosting businesses in a capital scarce economy would be to build the basic infrastructureand let IT and Telecomunications be used as utility. This is why government has announced broadband and inernet asa high priority, and Albtelecom & Eagle started large infrastructre projects for broadband and IP
  13. 13. PARADIGM CHANGECompanies are willing to use Internet but lack IT assets and support Now that the IT investment is being converted into IT expenses Albania has a chance to boost it’s number of businesses & companies as well as improving their IT and Telecom maturity
  14. 14. HUMAN ASSETSSame sectors also require Human Capital = IT and Telco Professionals to support these companies Expats are costly and locals are inexperienced Internet penetration is low (<30% in 2010) but social networking is 3x the internet penetration which shows lack of purchase power rather than interest and knowledge
  15. 15. Untouched Mountains + Long Coast of Adria + History =Tourism ? The question mark means that the country has a very big potential but is lacking capital and IT for the Tourism to flourish.
  17. 17. WHAT PROJECTS WE ARE RUNNINGIP-TV Fiber Optic Backbone Billing Convergence Managed Services NGN M-Payment GIS – Asset Mng.
  18. 18. WHAT PROJECTS WE ARE RUNNING IP-TV Fiber Optic Backbone Billing Convergence Managed ServicesContent Agreement Country is roughly divided into two A new buıilding is decided to With this project solution ofNegotiations and Vendor rings and they are connceted be constructed for the Data the common needs of bothSelection is ongoing Pilot towards international fiber lines. Center, and a temporary companies , which areproject applied before Kosovo, Italy and Greece are the system room is located in the Billing effectivenesscommercial usage. Draft nearby connections from which existing switch room. and cost reduction in thisContract and Offers are alternative internet bandwiths will Negotiations with two area aimed at the samepresented to Management, be provided. The initial backbone customers are ongoing time.approvalTarget date: project is expected to be Target date: October 2011 Target date: August 2012January 2012 completed within October. After completion of this project establishing transmission of NGN NGN project our company will have M-Payment GIS – Asset Mng.This project will make use of the best network in the BalkanIPMPLS technology to transform the region and one of the best in Through this project, a Payment with Mobilenetwork into an all-IP next Europe. As the importance of this critical business process Devices is increasing itsgeneration network. Once the old country is increasing worldwide, of the company :street cabinets are replaced and pop importance in all the world this project has become more “Resource Management “,points are integrated to the back and this project is strategic than before. Target date will reach a solution withbone, both line capacity and pioneering M-payment in October 2011 Geographical Informationbandwith will increase as well as Albania.ease of maintenance and operation. Target date: December Systems being a plus inThis will also allow a wide variety of terms of operational use 2011VAS projects to be implemented. and functionality. TargetTarget date is June 2012 date: February 2012
  20. 20. THE WHOLE CLOUD Q&A Thank YouThe whole cloud can be thought of the super computer to which all computers will connect to operate...Of course famous statetment of a big company executive in 1970’s that world will need at most 5 computers might be anover-estimation by 4 Presented by Mehmet Zirek, Albtelecom & Eagle Mobile