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Ad Publishing and Monetizing Your Site


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Driving all that traffic to your site is about to pay off - literally. Any website, blog or mobile device can be turned into a money maker. How much depends on your efforts. By becoming an ad publisher, you can earn an income through display ads, affiliate programs, video and game embeds, and eCommerce. We'll discuss the best techniques, PPC formulas, and most profitable types of ads.

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Ad Publishing and Monetizing Your Site

  1. 1. SEO Monetizing Your WebsiteGCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  2. 2. SEOBuyer, Provider, Publisher We Are Now theAd Buyer - You, your company - Buying ad space on internet or mobile - Admin Control Panel for optimization - Real Time Bidding (RTB) Publisher! - Control ad inventoryAd Provider - They sell the ad space to buyers Middle man between you and buyer Optimize ads for you Weed out bad ones Send out good relevant ads to publishers Improve traffic and revenueAd Publisher - Any website or mobile device that displays ads - Way to monetize a site or blog with banner ads - Drive traffic to ad buyer site and get commission - Can control incoming ad content and quality GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  3. 3. SEOAd Providers1. Google Adsense2. Yahoo! Publisher Network3. BidVertiser - Banner and text ad provider4. Chitika - Banner and text ad provider5. Clicksor - Banner and text ad providerOther Ways: - YouTube - Add Videos - Moshi Games - Add Flash Games to your site GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  4. 4. SEOPPC Advertising Networks1. Sign up - usually free2. Pick a category related to your site3. Choose and ad size and placement4. Provider will create unique code5. Paste code into desired spot (preferably a good hot spot)6. The ad network will then serve contextual ads7. Earn money for every click.<!-- Begin BidVertiser code --><SCRIPT LANGUAGE=”JavaScript1.1” SRC=”” type=”text/javascript”></SCRIPT><noscript><a href=””>advertising</a></noscript><!-- End BidVertiser code --> GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  5. 5. SEOPPC Advertising NetworksTracking Code GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  6. 6. SEOAffiliate Marketing1. Merchant that lets you sell directly or indirectly.2. Is CPA based3. Virtual sales rep4. Can be very lucrative - good commissionsSome affiliate networks: - ValuClick - Rubicon - Commission Junction - ClickBank - Azoogle Ads - Link Share GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  7. 7. SEODirect Banner Advertising1. Sell your own advertising space2. Most lucrative monetization3. Cut out the middlemanBUT -1. You need to pound the pavement2. Need a large audience3. Spend time managing accounts GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  8. 8. SEOAd Costing TermsPPC: Pay per Click - Only pay when user clicks adCPM: Cost per thousand impressions - Earn per 1000 ad impressions @ .15¢ CPM = $1.50CPA, CPS: Cost per acquisition, sale - Earn a percent of sale GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  9. 9. SEOAd Revenues - How Much Do I Get?1. Depends on your traffic levels2. Depends on your click-through rate (CTR)3. Depends on cost per click (CPC)4. CTR if affected by design of the site. - Ads above the fold or blended - MORE CLICKS - Organic traffic is best - already looking for you5. Best paying ads: - Mortgages - Financial products - College and educational - Adult6. Not so good: - Tech-related topics (SEO - how sad!) - Social media referrals or techie people - ignore ads GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  10. 10. SEOAd Revenues - Examples GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  11. 11. SEOAd Revenues - CPA, CPS GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  12. 12. SEOAd Placement - Hot SpotsSomewhere in the middle GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  13. 13. SEOOther Types of Monetization1. Sell something (duh!)2. Offer premium content3. Monetization Widgets - Widgetbucks and SmartLinks4. Embed Videos5. Embed Flash Games6. Sponsored Reviews (biased)7. RSS Feed Ads - Feedburner8. Job boards9. Paid polls or surveys GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  14. 14. SEOROI - Return on Investment1. Factors: - Monthly ad spend - Cost Per Click (CPC) - Conversion Rate (CR) - Average Sale GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  15. 15. SEOROI - Return on InvestmentExample A: Example B: 3 unit class at Palomar - $78 3 unit class at Palomar - $78 CPC - $14 CPC - $14 CTR - 100 clicks CTR - 100 clicks CR - 100% CR - 20% Average Sale of $64 Average Sale of $12.80 GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization