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Guardianshipofthe estate


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Guardianshipofthe estate

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Guardianshipofthe estate

  1. 1. Filed on 12/7/201112:53:15 PM STAN STANART COUNTY CLERK, HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS PROBATE COURTS DEPARTMENTIN MATTERS OF PROBATE { { DOCKET NO. 403028PROBATE COURT NO. Four (4) { { ESTATE OF: HELEN RITA HALE,HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS { INCAPACITATED LETTERS OF GUARDIANSHIPIt is hereby certified that SUSAN MARIE HALE STALEY was by said court duly appointed PERMANENTGUARDIAN OF THE ESTATE OF HELEN RITA HALE, INCAPACITATED, on NOVEMBER 11, 2011, with fullauthority except as provided by law. The said PERMANENT GUARDIAN qualified as such on NOVEMBER 21,2011,the guardian has full authority over Wards Estate, including but not limited to: (l) the duty to prepare and file aninventory of the Estate pursuant to Sections 729 et seq of the Texas Probate Code; (2) the duty to prepare and file andapplication for authority to expend funds pursuant to Section 776 of the Texas Probate Code; (3) the duty to provide theGuardian of the Person with the funds necessary to provide the care deemed appropriate by the Guardian of the Person;(4) the duty to collect all assets of the Estate, including outstanding funds owed to Ward; (5) the duty to pay taxes andinsure the Estate property against fire, theft and other hazards; (6) the duty to request permission to sell or place a reversemortgage on Wards real property if necessary to provide the care deemed appropriate by the Guardian of the Person; and(7) the duty to prepare and file an Annual Account pursuant to Section 741 of the Texas Probate Code.Letters were issued on NOVEMBER 11,2011, and shall remain in effect until MARCH 10,2013, or until further ordersof the court.Insofar as my records show said PERMANENT GUARDIAN is still acting in said capacity.Witness my hand and seal of said court, at Houston, Texas, on 7th day of December, 2011. (SEAL) STAN STANART, County Clerk Pr bate Court No. Four (4) 2 1 Caroline, Room 800 is County, TexasNo. 962396/EYS P.O. Box 1525 • Houston, TX 77251-1525. (713) 755-6425 Form No. 1-02-223 (Rev. 09/24/201 I) Page I of2