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Published in: Education
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Bluetraceymodule3 1

  1. 1. Teachers what do you know about Copyright, Fair use and Plagiarism ? By Tracey Blue
  2. 2. What is it?
  3. 3. Copyright: Original Works of Authorship Includes: Literary, Dramatic, Musical, and Artistic Works Copyright Provides Exclusive Rights to the Author/Creator Any Violation of these Rights is Considered Copyright Infringement
  4. 4. Violation of Copyright search
  5. 5. Commonly referred to as:**Copyright Infringement ** using works without the expressed consent of the owner Use Includes: Reproduction, copying, duplicating, modifying, distributing to the public through sale, rental, lease, or lending, public display, and performance
  6. 6. Is it Copyright Infringement if...
  7. 7. You purchase a music CD and make copies to sell to your friends...
  8. 8. As the owner of a restaurant, you allow your staff to sing the traditional “Happy Birthday” song to patrons...
  9. 9. You record a program from the Public Broadcasting System (PBS). You show the film to your psychology class as part of a presentation...
  10. 10. You find a great lesson plan in a library book.You photo copy pages and hand them out to your students.You continue to photo copy and use the lesson for your class the following year...
  11. 11. Fair Use What is it ? - Fair use is a doctrine that was developed from court decisions throughout the years - Section 107 of the copyright law lists the purposes for which reproducing an authors work is considered fair use
  12. 12. Plagiarism one of the most critical intellectual offenses that occurs in the educational system
  13. 13. Unsure ? Research U.S. Copyright Law Consult the usage policy of your school or institution Review available “rules for writers” resources
  14. 14. Written and Produced by Tracey Blue Narration by Tracey Blue References Teaching Copyright. retrieved from: U.S. Copyright Office - Fair Use. retrieved from: